Hakone New Year’s Ekiden Celebrates 100th Anniversary with Expanded Participation

Expansion of Participation Eligibility for Hakone New Year’s Ekiden As the annual Hakone New Year’s Ekiden approaches its prestigious 100th anniversary next year, exciting developments have taken place. In a move to make the event even more inclusive, the participation eligibility has been expanded to include universities and graduate schools in the Kanto region. This […]

Rising Star Bew Phuriphon Bunson Continues to Shine at the 2022 Asian Games

The Rise of Thai Track Star Bew Phuriphon Bunson At just 17 years old, Bew Phuriphon Bunson has made a name for herself as a rising star in the world of athletics. Hailing from Thailand, Bunson recently claimed a silver medal in the men’s 100 meter track and field competition at the prestigious 2022 Asian […]

High Expectations for Team India as Asian Games Athletics Competition Begins

High Expectations for Team India as Asian Games Athletics Begin The excitement is palpable as the Asian Games athletics competition kicks off today, with Team India ready to make their mark. With a rich history of success in this event, having claimed an impressive 254 medals thus far, the Indian squad of 65 athletes is […]

Hangzhou Hosts the Spectacular Opening of the 19th Asian Games 2022

Hangzhou Hosts the 19th Asian Games: A Spectacle of Tradition and Technology HANGZHOU, China – In what promises to be an exemplary display of culture and innovation, Hangzhou, hailed as the sports capital of Asia, has emerged as the host for the 19th edition of the acclaimed Asian Games. The festivities commenced at the esteemed […]

Breaking the Pitch Clock: The Unexpected Balk in the Game Against Ohtani

Breaking the Pitch Clock during Game against Ohtani: “I Was Unaware I Would Balk” Athletics Dominate Angels with a Final Score of 9-2 (Japan Time 2nd, Auckland) [Press Release] For those looking to catch the MLB action, head over to ABEMA! We are offering live coverage of the Angels and Red Sox games until the […]