war | Putin’s fallen generals: “The dying goes on”

Many top Russian military personnel have perished since the invasion of Ukraine, some under mysterious circumstances. This is known about the commanders. Not only has Russia lost tens of thousands of ordinary soldiers in the war against Ukraine, the leadership ranks of Putin’s armed forces have also thinned significantly since February 2022. At least ten […]

Rising Concerns Over ‘Don’t Ask’ Knife Attacks in South Korea: BBC Report

Seongnam-si, South Korea – The police are currently in control of the scene at Seohyeon Station in Bundang-gu, following a vehicle accident and knife attack on the 3rd. The incident left 13 people injured. In recent news coverage, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) highlighted a disturbing trend in South Korea known as “don’t ask crimes.” […]

The world’s youngest president from Burkina Faso wants to change Africa

Ibrahim Traore is the youngest head of state in the world. The young military wants to reform the African country of Burkina Faso – and remove it from the West. A ghost is haunting West Africa. Its name: anti-imperialism. This is particularly evident in Burkina Faso, where Ibrahim Traoré has been in charge of the […]

war | “Ghosts of Bachmut”: This is what elite soldiers report

20 elite Ukrainian soldiers are fighting as a special unit against Russian troops in Bakhmut. The BBC accompanied her on an assignment. The Ukrainian armed forces are currently attempting to regain control of Bakhmut. The British broadcaster BBC has now published an impressive report detailing the experiences of a notorious team of elite soldiers from […]

Wagner mercenaries in Russia probably continue to recruit after the uprising

“Nothing has changed” Wagner rebels apparently continue to recruit fighters Updated on 07/01/2023 – 09:26 Reading time: 3 min. Brutal force: Wagner is considered a hybrid combat unit of the Kremlin and not only aimed at Ukraine. (Source: t-online) After the failed Wagner uprising, the Russian leadership tried to disband the mercenary group. Apparently, they […]

war | Wagner group apparently continues to recruit mercenaries

After the failed Wagner uprising, the Russian leadership tried to disband the mercenary group. Apparently, they continue to recruit as before. Despite the bloody uprising by the Russian military company Wagner, there are apparently no signs of the organization being dissolved. According to research by the British broadcaster BBC, the recruitment agencies of the Russian […]

Exposed: The Shocking Monkey Abuse Organization Operating Worldwide

**Monkey Abuse Organization Exposed by BBC Report** *[By Park Yeon-jung, NewsPenguin Journalist]* The BBC has uncovered a widespread monkey abuse organization that stretches from Indonesia to the United States. In a recent report, the British media outlet revealed the shocking extent of this criminal network. The investigation began when an undercover reporter from the BBC […]

Foxconn is moving away from the iPhone to electric cars

iPhone maker Foxconn is revamping its business strategy. It plans to shift manufacturing and supply of electronics products from China as well as invest in making electric vehicles. Although changing the business sector is a big risk, the Taiwan-based company does not see any way out in the bitter Washington-Beijing relationship. The company was started […]