Is it more comfortable than driving Pavlov, RTX3090 Ti, announced as PSVR2?

After it was revealed that Pavlov, a VR FPS game developed by Canadian indie game producer Vankrupt Games, will be released as PSVR2, the developer’s comments in the Discord community are attracting attention. The developer said that the PSVR2 version of Pavlov is more comfortable, saying that there will be a 10% performance increase compared […]

Is The Semiconductor Crisis Beginning Now? Silicon Wafer Prices fall in 3 years

The price of silicon wafers, essential for the production of semiconductors, has reportedly fallen. According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily, this is the first time in three years that news of a price drop in the silicon wafer market has been reported. Although the price drop is mainly driven by the spot market, […]

Best Buy is selling the Google Pixel 6a for $249, a 45% discount.

still best buy Electronics retailer Best Buy is selling Google’s mid-range smartphone, the Pixel 6a, for almost half the price. According to foreign media on the 5th (local time), Best Buy is selling the ‘Pixel 6a’, which has a price of $449, for $249, a discount of $200. This is the cheapest price so far. […]

Some iCloud Users Have Backup Issues After iOS 16.3 Update

AppleInsider and other foreign media reported that some iCloud users are reporting syncing problems with iCloud Drive, uploading photos and backups after the iOS 16.3 update. According to reports on the Apple Support forums and Reddit, after updating to iOS 16.3, moving the iCloud Backup slider to On causes an error. While the problem seems […]

Motorola ‘Moto E13’ low-cost phone to be released in India at 90,000 won

The launch price of Motorola’s low-end smartphone ‘Moto E13’ in India has been leaked. According to foreign media on the 6th, Twitter account Devyan Roy (@Gadgetsdata) said that “Moto E13 will be released in India at a price between 6,499 rupees (about 97,000 won) and 6999 rupees (104,000 won ).” The price provided is more […]

Wi-Fi connection problems with some models of ‘Mac mini’ based on M2 / M2 Pro

▲M2 ▲Mac4Ever, a foreign media outlet, reported that Wi-Fi connection issues are being reported in some of the latest Mac mini models equipped with the ▲M2 Pro chipset. According to reports, some users of the new Mac mini are complaining that the Wi-Fi speed is slower than usual or that the connection itself is impossible. […]

COIT Launches ADATA XPG DDR5-5600 CL36 LANCER RGB Gaming Memory

Coit (CEO: Son Chang-jo), the official importer of ADATA, a global memory company, announced the release of ADATA XPG DDR5-5600 CL36 LANCER RGB, a gaming memory. ADATA XPG DDR5-5600 CL36 LANCER RGB is made with high-quality IC and PCB materials, and has a maximum frequency of up to 5,600 MT/s, giving a big performance boost […]