The secret stars of Thailand’s entertainment industry in 2022

The secret stars of Thailand’s entertainment industry in 2022 2022 or the year of the fierce tiger as many people believe. And this year is considered another year that has many stories to follow, every month there will be a sad story. is the departure of people in the entertainment industry Birth, old age, illness […]

An unforgettable experience! Rodtang reflects on his life in 2022 on the ONE ring.

Rodtang Jitmuangnon, ONE Muay Thai Flyweight World Champion (135 lbs.), tells us all about his life in 2022, inside and outside the ONE ring, with stories, impressions, and experiences that n priceless. “Tank” kicked off 2022 with a historic Muay Thai x Mixed Martial (MMA) hybrid fight. By facing the American 12-time MMA world champion […]

“Mowgli” crushed “Samingdam”, bet on the champion of the fight Chang Muay Thai, Wansongchai, wandered Ranong province on December 27, JKN18 shot live.

JKN 18 TV channel invites boxing fans to join in cheering for “Suek Chang Muay Thai Wansongkhai Roaming” and meet selected fighters. Let the fun shake the screen Live broadcast directly from Ranong province. Tuesday the 27th of December Top female champion Pariyakon Rattanasuban, owner of the logo Bring fun, aggressive boxing to boxing fans […]

Pride award! “Dangkongfa” ONE Athlete Wins the 2022 Asia Kickboxing Championship

“Dangkongfah Banchamek”, a young combat boxer A student of Muay Thai legend “Buakaw Banchamek” won the title of champion in the Asian Kickboxing Championship, the program “2022 Asian Kickboxing Confederation Championships” held during December 10-18, 2022 at the Sports West Building 1, Bangkok Youth Center. (Thai-Japanese) “Dao Kong Fah”, a Muay Thai athlete under ONE, […]

Opening a new drama chart for Channel 8 in 2023, by a Thai-style ratings duo

Intense, swelling heat on every screen when A television station 8 The opening of the drama schedule for the year 2023 can be called a big change. Fully equipped, fully equipped, focused under the strategy Channel 8 all screen with the concept Channel 8 drama, watch first, enjoy before anyone else organized hard to carry […]