Former Cameroon star Mbami died – Mbami died Manorama News

Paris ∙ Former Cameroon and PSG star Modest Mbami (40) has died of a heart attack. Mbami, a midfielder, played 37 games for Cameroon and scored 3 goals. Cameron was also a member of the gold medal winning team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He played for clubs such as PSG and Marseille in the […]

[문화연예 플러스] ‘Avatar 2’ Director Cameron Explains Watching Dolphin Show

‘Avatar 2’ is a huge success at the box office, surpassing 5 million cumulative audiences yesterday, Christmas Day. Director James Cameron said that this film contains a conservation message for endangered marine life. Contrary to the message of the film, when he was recently reprimanded by an animal protection group, he made an explanation. Director […]

[김중기의 필름통] Movie ‘Avatar: Waterway’

A scene from the film ‘Avatar: Path of Water’. Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea “Sulli is one. My father protects me. That’s my father’s reason for being.” James Cameron’s ‘Avatar: Road to Water’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Avatar 2’) has finally been released. It’s been 13 years since the incredibly popular ‘Avatar’ came […]

‘Avatar 2’ director Cameron “Sustainability, you can’t just pretend”

[사진 제공:연합뉴스] Director James Cameron, who conveyed the message about the coexistence of mankind and nature through the ‘Avatar’ film series, said, “I don’t think sustainability is something we can pretend to be comfortable with or use to get a better image like ‘false environmentalism’.” do it,” he said. Director Cameron said this during a […]

Brazil x South Korea Portugal x Switzerland | Sports | Deshabhimani

The five-time world champions Brazil were stunned by the African team Cameroon (1-0). Despite the loss, Brazil advanced to the pre-quarters as first in Group G. Switzerland also reached the last sixteen after defeating Serbia 3-2. Brazil are first on goal difference. The match between Brazil and South Korea is in the pre-quarters. The game […]