“Dai-chan seems to smile and say “I can go”” “Kanadai” The moment when Kana Muramoto middle and Daisuke Takahashi communicated on the ice of the world figure skating | Figure | Shueisha general sports magazine Sportiva official website Sportiva web

● “This is the first time I have acted so convincingly.” March 25th, Saitama Super Arena. The figure skating world championships, the main rink was full of excitement. Immediately after a free ice dance performance, there was an “eternal moment”. Daisuke Takahashi (37 years old), who decided on the last gesture, returned to the world […]

Employment in Canada; Salary up to 54 lakhs per annum

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced that the Canadian government plans to make appointments to foreign service offices. The salary ranges from Rs 43 Lakhs to Rs 54 Lakhs per annum. The Government released an official notification inviting applications from eligible candidates. Are you looking for a career where the world could be […]

Ioniq 5 awarded ‘2023 Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year’

Hyundai Motor Company announced on the 19th that the Ioniq 5 has been selected as the ‘2023 Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year’. Canadian Car of the Year is the most prestigious award given by the Canadian Association of Automobile Journalists, and is selected through screening and voting by a panel of judges made up […]

Kanadai fell twice as a result of “attacking”. Daisuke Takahashi is too shocked.

Rhythm Dance of the Four Continents Championship Middle Kana Muramoto and Couple Daisuke Takahashi See the photos associated with this article [Anogaeth ac anogaeth hyd yn oed mewn “sefyllfaoedd digrif”] February, Colorado, USA. In the ice dance of the Four Continents Championship, the two, affectionately known as “Kanadai,” stand on the ice rink. “In the […]

Justin Trudeau said an unidentified object was shot down over Canada

Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said an unidentified object has been shot down over Canada. The unidentified object was shot down after a joint operation with the United States. A week ago, the Chinese spy balloon raised a huge controversy in the United States. Then America shot down. After this, the same event is repeated […]

Angle: TikTok ban spreads in US, challenges intertwining interference and freedom | Reuters

[Los Angeles, 9fed Sefydliad Thomson Reuters]-Students at the University of Texas, USA, immediately after classes resumed in January, were told by university authorities that they could no longer access the Chinese video posting app TikTok on the campus Wi-Fi. I was notified of that On February 9, immediately after classes resumed in January, students at […]