Justin Trudeau said an unidentified object was shot down over Canada

Ottawa: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said an unidentified object has been shot down over Canada. The unidentified object was shot down after a joint operation with the United States. A week ago, the Chinese spy balloon raised a huge controversy in the United States. Then America shot down. After this, the same event is repeated […]

Angle: TikTok ban spreads in US, challenges intertwining interference and freedom | Reuters

[Los Angeles, 9fed Sefydliad Thomson Reuters]-Students at the University of Texas, USA, immediately after classes resumed in January, were told by university authorities that they could no longer access the Chinese video posting app TikTok on the campus Wi-Fi. I was notified of that On February 9, immediately after classes resumed in January, students at […]

After being engaged for 5 months, the food-stealing, debt-leaving babies sell rings only to discover that “swipe your own card for half the fee” | International | QUANTITY

After separating from her ex, Catherine discovers that half the cost of her engagement ring has been charged to her card. (Photo / flip from the Mirror) Knowing people, knowing a face, but not the heart! Katherine Lemus, a Canadian woman, has been dating her boyfriend for almost 10 years. Unexpectedly, within half a year […]

Outline the plan of FTA negotiations for the year 2023. Speeding up the count from one Thailand-EU (EU) closing the EFTA agreement on Canada, Turkey, and Sri Lanka to the end.

Each year, the Department of Trade Negotiations draws up a free trade agreement (FTA) negotiation plan to be used as a target for moving the negotiations forward. and send signals to stakeholders about the progress of each FTA negotiation in order to obtain information And it can be used to plan for doing business, trading […]

Canada vs Morocco, 11 on the starting line-up for the 2022 World Cup

battle competition”World Cup 2022” FIFA World Cup on December 1, 2022, last match Group F is a meeting between Canada The plum team of the group enters the field to meet Morocco The second team in the group has 4 points at 10:00 pm live broadcast on ThaiPBS and TrueSports 5 channel 684 Related news: […]