FWD Life Insurance launches “Shop for insurance, return with iFWD” campaign

FWD life insurance continues to return profits to customers, launching a campaign “Shop Insurance, Have a Night with iFWD” When buying insurance online through the iFWD platform for cancer insurance, “FWD Easy E-Cancer” or “Insurance Major Critical Illness”, get a discount on the first year’s insurance premiums. 20% when entering code iFWD20 between 8-15 February […]

Today is World Cancer Day

4 February Today, World Cancer Day is observed across the world. International Union Against Cancer Control (UICC) first started celebrating this day in 2008.

Study findings: Ants can smell cancer in urine | Flavor | Smell

[The Epoch Times, Ionawr 27, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun) It is well known that ants can lift things that are sometimes heavier than their body weight. Now, scientists have discovered that the little flies have another “superpower” – they can “smell” if mice have cancer because of the smell of their urine. […]

Today’s Horoscope 23 January 2023 Aries Should NOT Change Jobs Marital Life Disputes Will End About Cancer | Horoscope 2023: Career problems of Cancer natives will end; Today’s Complete Horoscope

Before you proceed with new decisions in life or work, it is advisable to check your planetary position. Let’s see how today’s day will be for each zodiac sign according to the horoscope. Aries – Don’t change jobs. Problems will be solved. Use your time well. Give fruit. Do not get involved in disputes with […]

5 High Folate Foods Reduces the risk of heart and blood vessel cancer

cancer, heart disease, and vascular disease It is a disease that occurs frequently. There are factors for a variety of causes. It must be admitted that it is a very scary thing, causing most people to turn to more health care these days by choosing to eat foods that are useful and you know a […]