Czech! “Screening 4 cancer” gold card privileges to receive the anti-cancer day

“December 10, National Anti-Cancer Day” NHSO organizes screening benefits for 4 malignant cancers cervical cancer colon cancer oral cancer and breast cancer ready to organize a service “Cancer service wherever available” Helpu cancer patients to access treatment early. cancer is A disease of abnormal cell growthcomecancerwhich invades and destroys nearby tissues and can spread to […]

The transit of Uranus affects the 12 zodiac signs as follows.

The transit of Uranus affects the 12 zodiac signs as follows. Aries : Will change love, change direction will lose love But it’s like coming back and starting over. A fresh start would be great. What makes us not right should step back Taurus : Maratyu Rahu is in a job, which is in ruin, […]

Walking 45 minutes (3800 steps) a day can prevent cancer and dementia

◇ Walking is the most accessible form of health management exercise. *source=lid stock To maintain a healthy life, exercise is just as important as diet control. This is because an active body becomes a shortcut to a quick escape from illness. Research has also shown that even people who find it difficult to do vigorous […]

50-year-old host Tianwang was shocked to have cancer and declared “poor health” and announced that he would stop working until the end of the year-Entertainment-China Times News

Japanese host Masahiro Nakai, who was once the captain of the idol group SMAP, has suffered from health problems in recent years. In addition to poor liver function, he was hospitalized for acute appendicitis. and had an operation in July this year. that he suffers from appendicitis. He has only been on holiday for a […]

“Covid vaccine” saves lives of patients with COVID after cancer Recommend injection risk group

“Dr. Manoon” Dr. Manoon Leechawengwong or Vichaiyut Hospital respiratory specialist posted on Facebook Doctor Manoon Leechawengwong FC open data “Vaccine for covid” can save the lives of patients with leukemia behind addicted to covid pneumonia and respiratory failure Introducing 608 risk group people who have not yetvaccination or have only received one vaccination Hurry up […]