“Silence and Peace” in Beauty Paintings Exhibition of Chen Yongmo’s Ink Poetry, Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Works – Free Art and Literature Network

“Silence and Peace” brings together Chen Yongmo’s beauty paintings and poetry, calligraphy and seal cutting works. (Provided by Chen Yongmo) [Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report]Ink painter Chen Yongmo’s creative career combines inheritance and innovation, and at the same time pays attention to the “contemporary” issue of ink and wash. The 60-year-old new creative exhibition “Silence and […]

The Demise of Rs 2000 Notes: A Burden on Holders and the Reserve Bank

Controversial shooting and unintelligent hunting. Despite having the same objective, the consequences of both activities will be different. The 2016 demonetisation was quite explosive in nature. The Prime Minister’s speech momentarily terrified the entire nation. At midnight, five hundred and one thousand rupee notes were declared invalid in the country. Not only did those with […]

Title: “Inter Milan’s Goalkeeping Legend Handanovic Retires After Stellar Career”

Inter Milan’s Esteemed Goalkeeper Retires, Leaving a Legacy of Championships Former Inter Milan goalkeeper, Handanovic, has announced his retirement after a successful 20-year career. Despite attracting interest from other teams, the 39-year-old Slovenian veteran has chosen to prioritize his family. Reflecting on his decision, Handanovic expressed contentment and gratitude for his accomplishments on the field. […]

James Maddison Wins EPL Player of the Month Award after Transfer to Tottenham

Leicester City’s James Maddison Wins EPL Player of the Month Award at Tottenham Reported by Nam Jeong-hoon, Sportal Korea | 2023.09.16 13:03 James Maddison, who recently transferred from Leicester City to Tottenham, has been awarded the EPL Player of the Month, an honor he did not receive during his time at Leicester. The Premier League […]

James Maddison Wins EPL Player of the Month Award after Transfer to Tottenham

Tottenham Midfielder James Maddison Wins EPL Player of the Month Award By Nam Jeong-hoon, Reporter London – James Maddison, the talented attacking midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur, has been awarded the prestigious EA SPORTS Player of the Month for August in the English Premier League (EPL). This accolade comes as a well-deserved recognition for Maddison, who […]

Nipah Strikes Again in Kerala: Health Workers Prepared to Take on the Challenge

Nipah Virus Resurfaces in Kerala: Health Workers Prepared to Combat the Disease By [Author’s Name] After a brief respite, the notorious Nipah virus has made a comeback in Kerala, igniting concerns among the populace. However, the health workers are unfazed, confident in their ability to fight the disease. Armed with invaluable experience from previous encounters […]

Discussion on the Review of NTT Act: Perspectives on Privatization and Public Interest

Discussions on the review of the NTT Act took place at the 2nd Special Telecommunications Policy Committee of the Telecommunications Business Policy Sub-Committee of the Information and Communications Council, held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on the 12th. During the meeting, the CEOs of KDDI, Softbank, and Rakuten Mobile expressed their viewpoints. […]

‘Cool City Lady’: Hotel Shilla CEO Lee Boo-jin’s Fashion Becomes a Hot Topic

Hotel Shilla’s CEO, Lee Boo-jin, is renowned as a fashion icon in the industry. Her fashion choices always attract attention at shareholder meetings and various events. She is often seen wearing neutral colors like black and white for official occasions, deviating from the usual bright and vibrant colors. To add a touch of uniqueness, she […]

SENSATION IN THE QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP: The teenager from Barcelona scored the first goal in his career at the senior level in the jersey of the Spanish national team (VIDEO)

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/09/vv_1.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/09/vv_1.jpg”,”caption”:”Foto: Twitter”,”bg”:”4e3c3c”] The Spanish national team achieved an incredibly convincing victory tonight in Tbilisi. Furija was a guest in the 4th round of qualification for the European Championship against the team of Georgia, and they defeated it with as much as 7:1. Already in the first half, Georgia conceded four goals. He started her network […]