“Sak Siam” is waiting for “Chuwit” to give information about the change of 30 thousand million baht, the orange line in 15 days, swipe to see the live broadcast referring to “Pee Nevin”

The Minister of Transport revealed that he was waiting for “Chuvit” to clarify within 15 days after the transport requested documents for the 30 billion baht change to the Orange Line electric train, confirming compliance with the law without discrimination. Flick could not watch the live broadcast, referring to “Pee Ne Win”. Today (February 28) […]

“Ruangkrai” has hijacked the NACC to call “Chuvit” to give information and show evidence of “30 billion baht” in the Orange Line electric train.

Today (February 26), of the case where Mr Chuvit Kamolwisit has announced a press conference about the Orange Line electric train project. During Bang Khun Non – Min Buri (Suwinthawong) where there may be pollution (change), the value of the damage is up to 30 billion baht. Mr revealed Ruangkrai Leekitwatana, former parliamentarian, that today […]

Angle: “Sunlight blocking” research in developing countries, new NGO funding | Reuters

Oslo (8th Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Scientists in developing countries recently received new funding to study potentially dangerous ways to slow global warming. The method is “solar geoengineering,” which means artificially blocking sunlight by releasing reflective chemicals into the atmosphere, such as sulfur particles, similar to volcanic plumes. I’m trying to cool the earth. Also […]

“National Sports Development Fund” starts the project “Change, Wake up, Build” and organized activities for schools in 4 regions.

National Sports Development Fund Launching a project to adapt, change, wake up, mould, with the aim of encouraging young people to have a proper sporting foundation. and inspire young people to play more sports together with giving sports equipment and special grants by pressing the project start button And releasing a caravan, adapting, lifting, moulding, […]