Healthy ingredients a centenarian female doctor must eat every day to nourish skin and slow aging | Women | Goji Berries | Advantages | How to eat | Spring, summer, autumn and winter | Characteristics

[Llais Gobaith Mawrth 24, 2023](Editor: Zhao Zixin) Lycium barbarum is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine, widely used in the health care and beauty industries of traditional Chinese medicine, and enjoyed by many people. Especially for female friends, in addition to nourishing the liver and kidneys, improving eyesight and improving vision, wolfberry has more magical benefits, […]

Angle: India’s crackdown on illegal child marriage, new tragedy of poverty | Reuters

Radhanagar, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – 15-year-old Pink Das Sarkar lives in Radhanagar, a village in the Nagaon district of Assam in northeastern India. But she is already pregnant. Despite this, her 26-year-old husband, the breadwinner of the family, was arrested on February 2 on suspicion of child marriage, and she is at a loss […]

Angle: TikTok ban spreads in US, challenges intertwining interference and freedom | Reuters

[Los Angeles, 9fed Sefydliad Thomson Reuters]-Students at the University of Texas, USA, immediately after classes resumed in January, were told by university authorities that they could no longer access the Chinese video posting app TikTok on the campus Wi-Fi. I was notified of that On February 9, immediately after classes resumed in January, students at […]