Mechanism of cognitive impairment in rheumatoid arthritis patients revealed: Dong-A Science

‘Maobi enzyme’ is expected as a treatment target for simultaneously improving cognitive impairment and arthritis Chang-Jun Lee, Director of the Institute of Basic Science (IBS), Sang-Yun Sang, Professor at CHA Bundang Hospital. Provided by IBS A research team from Korea has published the result of a study that the cause of cognitive impairment in rheumatoid […]

“Balanced Cornucopia” “Acupuncture” in pre-dementia improves cognitive perform – Instant Totally free Wellbeing Community

▲ Wu Baifeng, a doctor of Chinese medication, reported that for neurological illnesses these types of as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s illness, etc., acupuncture is an efficient adjuvant treatment. (Photo delivered by Wu Bofeng) Textual content / Wu Baifeng Given the growing old population construction, far more and much more elderly people in […]

Non-alcoholic fatty liver, also affects the occurrence of dementia

Image Source: Getty Imagesbank [메디칼업저버 박선재 기자] Studies have been published that show that inflammation of the liver increases the risk of dementia. A study published in Neurology on July 13 found that people with nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD) have an increased risk of developing dementia. In particular, it was found that the risk of […]