40 minutes after the woman ran a red light and hit the bus, she “offended again in the same location”…scratched a Lamborghini and suffered a lot | International | QUANTITY

Two traffic accidents happened in Xiufeng District, Guilin, Mainland China. The culprits were actually a couple, the cause of the accidents was running a red light. (Photo/Flipping Baidu) A woman driving an electric car in Xiufeng District, Guilin, mainland China ran a red light and ran into the back of a bus that was running […]

The money difference guarantees rice income 65/66, the 22nd installment from December Kor. Sir What date did you transfer? Check now.

Mr revealed Udom Srisomsong, Deputy Director General of the Department of Internal Trade, that the sub-committee oversees and sets the central criteria for referring projects.Income insurance for rice farmers has taken into account the benchmark reference price and compensation for the price difference Rice Farmers Income Insurance Program 2022/23 or “Rice Income Insurance 65/66” The […]

Panama ship spills 2,000 liters of oil

Chonburi Harbor Master Speed ​​up the process of removing oil spills next to Panamanian ships in Laem Chabang from pumping 2,000 liters of ballast out of the ship and notify the ship owner to be responsible for the expenses. Repeat! The same incident must not be repeated again. A news report from the Harbor Department […]

Check, guarantee rice income 65/66 installment 14 December AS Transfer money difference When to login to the account

“Bangkok Business Online” invites you to follow the progress Rice Farmers Income Insurance Program 2022/23 or guarantee rice income 65/66 which The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) has already paid the difference to farmers in installments 1-13 in the amount of 2.575 million households. latest Department of Internal Trade Ministry of Commerce has […]