Genome Center says COVID-19 is nearing the end of the game, becoming an endemic disease

Medical Genome Center Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital states that the 2019 coronavirus will end the game and become an endemic disease Since Omicron will almost completely replace Delta. while the number of infected people abroad began to decline and not many deaths Today (17 Jan 2022) Genome Medical Center Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital […]

Polish scientists find genes double the risk of contracting COVID-19

Polish scientists have discovered a gene, a key factor that doubles the likelihood of contracting serious illness from COVID-19, behind age, sex and weight. Today (14 Jan. 2525) foreign news agencies reported that Polish scientists Discovered genes that resulted in risk exposure The number of serious illnesses from COVID-19 has doubled by this type of […]

“Mueang Chon” has 525 new cases of Covid-19, Pattaya restaurant cluster has been infected continuously – Post Today Regional News

“Mueang Chon” has 525 new cases of coronavirus, Pattaya restaurant cluster has been infected continuously. Date 15 Jan 2022 time 07:04 CHON BURI – 525 new COVID-19 cases, 3 dead, Pattaya restaurant cluster, a big company continues to find infections Recommend the establishment of employee screening strictly follow the measures On 14 Jan. 20, Chonburi […]

Omicron | Omicron Spread: What types of masks should be worn for protection?

One of the things we’ve heard the most during ‘Kovid 19’ is ‘wear a mask and get vaccinated’. At the end of 2021, a new variant of Kovid, Omikron, was introduced in the country. Kovid spread in the country is increasing rapidly. Proper use of masks is just as important as getting vaccinated to stay […]

Recommended formula for 3 needles, 4 injections, what injections – how many months apart?

Department of Disease Control issued a recommendation for vaccination to stimulate the 3rd needle, the 4th needle. Which formula should be injected? and how many months apart On January 12, 2022, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health Issue recommendations for the 3rd and 4th dose of COVID-19 vaccination as follows: vaccination from the […]

Not everyone in contact should be tested; Revised Kovid Guideline | covid19 | CoronaVirus | Vaccination | Omicron | Manoramanews | Vaccine Certificate | Narendra Modi | Manorama News | Kerala News | Breaking News | Malayalam News | Breaking News

Kovid revises inspection guidelines to ICMR Not everyone in contact with the Kovid patient should be tested. The test is only for the elderly and those with comorbidities. The guideline also states that Kovid examination should not be an obstacle to emergency treatment and surgery. .