“Omicron” XBB-XBB.1 in Singapore has begun to weaken. after many infections

The Center for Medical Genomics identifies the latest data. about the causes of “omicron” XBB and XBB1 in Singapore In the beginning, the subspecies appeared to be more serious, indicating that “omicron” XBB and XBB.1 in Singapore start to weaken Based on the latest information from public health Singapore Which is the first country to […]

Mo Yong takes lessons from COVID-19 in a 3-year period for future benefits

9. No matter how many vaccinations you have had You can still get infected. but the violence has decreased until finally everyone accepts the truth. And so far, up to 70 percent of the Thai population is understood to be infected with vaccination. The majority of the population is immune to hybrids. That is considered […]

“Never contracted covid” may not be Super Dodgers, but there are important genes in the body.

Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana, virologist Director of the Animal Health and Management Innovation Research Group The National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Bio-Technology), the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) posted on Facebook about the case of people who “Never contract covid” can survive every season, every round, with past news and the article […]

Dean Siriraj pointed out that people could wear fewer masks after October 1.

Dean Siriraj pointed out that people could wear less New Normal masks after October 1. Yan likes to wear a mask to make it less risky. September 30, 65, Prof Dr Prasit Wattanapha, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Mr. Siriraj Hospital Mahidil University Referring to the situation of COVID-19 after October 1, that the […]

Today’s total of 637 COVID-19 cases, 10 more deaths

epidemic situation ofCovid-19 daily epidemic situation control centercoronavirus disease 2019 or Prof. The latest report on the situation of the epidemic of coronavirus disease 2019, found on 29 September 2022637 new COVID-19 cases income Leading to the cumulative total of 4,680,470 confirmed cases to dateATK) Between 18-24 September 2022, 81,258 cases, 8,117,241 cumulative cases. Related […]

“Covid Today” 29 September 2022 Chonburi 14 more infected except ATK 760 more.

“Covid today” 29 September 2022 Chonburi Province 14 new cases of COVID-19, excluding ATK, were reported, while the total cumulative death toll was 467. Chonburi province “Covid today” infected with covid-19 14 new RT-PCR cases, 760 new cases of COVID-19 ATK, and 2 new intubation cases were confirmed, totaling 467 deaths. Now there is an […]