Selenskyj has received a fighter jet offer – that’s behind it

After months of demands Selenskyj receives a fighter jet offer – that’s what’s behind it Updated on 06/07/2023 – 15:53Reading time: 3 min. Fighter jet for Ukraine? Footage shows the agile F-16 in action. (What: t-online) After a long hesitation, Ukraine could get fighter jets – at least that’s what President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says. What’s […]

Lanz to Green politician Touré: “That’s naive”

Opinions differ on the subject of EU asylum reform. Green politician Aminata Touré met “Markus Lanz” with opposition from CDU woman Serap Güler. “Sorry, that’s naive” – ​​during the debate about the planned EU asylum reform, moderator Markus Lanz met Green politician Aminata Touré with clear words on Wednesday evening. The guests Serap Güler, CDU […]

Tightening of asylum law: Traffic light politicians rebel against migration policy

Interior Minister Faeser supports the planned tightening of EU asylum law. But the Greens and the SPD are resisting: Critics warn of “prison-like conditions” at the external borders. If you follow the words of Nancy Faeser, it’s about nothing less than freedom in Europe. The interior minister recently warned in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” that the […]

“We are not on course”

Germany must “pull through” politically if Minister of Economics Habeck has his way. The climate goals can no longer be achieved otherwise. Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck sees a lot of catching up to do in Germany when it comes to climate protection. “We’re not on course,” said the Green politician on Wednesday at the […]

The Ukrainian offensive could fizzle out

Good morning, dear reader, it was long ago, it was far away: The war had already lasted a year and a half, and things were looking bad for the Chinese troops, who fought back against the Japanese invaders. With a few exceptions, the war had gone in only one direction, and for China’s soldiers, that […]

The EU is really planning this when it comes to heating: heat pumps mandatory?

Again excitement about the heat pump: A project of the EU Commission makes new headlines. What is the EU really planning? Germany is still discussing the planned revision of the Building Energy Act (GEG), also known as the Heating Act. A main point of criticism: the allegedly obligatory installation of heat pumps. What is meant […]

Putin opens the door to Germany

Defense Minister Pistorius wants to close arms deals with India. With this, Germany and the USA want to exploit a weakness of Vladimir Putin. But the shot could backfire. Yoga can build bridges, especially in India. The Indian government sees the traditional mental and physical exercises as a valuable cultural export. In the past, Prime […]

USA probably had Ukrainian plans for attack

Months before the attack on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, several secret services knew of Ukrainian plans. This comes from a media report. According to a media report, the US had detailed Ukrainian plans for an attack on the gas pipelines three months before the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines. As […]

Disaster researchers on the blown up dam: “Destruction will be huge”

What can Ukraine do now to minimize the damage caused by the dam collapse? A disaster researcher provides answers. “Something that has a new dimension” – that’s what Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) called what happened in Ukraine early Tuesday morning: due to the destruction of the Kakhovka dam in the south of the country, […]

“I would never shake my hand with that lady. Never”

The Ukrainian Ambassador Makeiev visited Schwerin on Monday and met Manuela Schwesig. Not everyone likes that. Ukrainian Ambassador Oleksii Makeiev met Manuela Schwesig, Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in Schwerin on Monday. At the same time, Schwesig assured him of the help of her state in a “hopefully soon” reconstruction of the Ukraine. Makeiev’s predecessor […]