Initially time in Thailand Thailand Metaverse Expo 2022 Virtual Planet and Digital Financial state

initially timeThailand with the occasion”Expo Metaverse Thailand 2022” Organized by Country Team by The Country in collaboration with its companion “Block Mountain”, one particular of the premier Blockchain and electronic asset exhibitions in Thailand, and Metaverse XR, a major technologies startup in metaverse. Held concerning 19-21 August 2022 in between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm […]

4 signs that the Chinese government has unlocked “platform companies”

After the government announcedloosen the lockdown In a major city like Shanghai, on June 1, the overall Chinese stock market has seen a marked increase. until the night of June 15 Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) has resolvedinterest rate hikeat 0.75%, the most in 28 years, but global stock prices rose in positive response. including overall […]

58% of Thais watch TikTok longer during Songkran

In the summer, TikTok revealed that 58% of Thai users spend more time on digital platforms during Songkran. Unveils strategies and solutions for brands and businesses. Inspire all parties to see opportunities and directions for marketing planning and campaigns this year before anyone else. Sirini Wirayasiri, Head of Business Marketing, Global Business Solutions, TikTok said […]