Dune is here, but how will it go from now on? By Kong Rithdee

After years of preceding currents like a desert storm, finally Dune Director Denis Villeneuve released around the world last week. The response from the audience was mostly positive. Even though there is a sound that is somewhat skewed to the rhythm or the complexity of the characters involved in the political conflicts of the universe […]

The sci-fi blockbuster “Sand Dune” in Chengdu has a small screening of Zhang Zhen, but it is very important! Screened nationwide on the 22nd_Sandworm

Original title: The sci-fi blockbuster “Sand Dunes” in Chengdu has not many scenes but it is very important! Released nationwide on the 22nd The Hollywood science fiction blockbuster “Dune” will be released nationwide on October 22. On the evening of October 19th, the film held two trial screenings in Chengdu, one was the “Sand Dune” […]

“Dune” held IMAX highlights first to watch the viewing event, the director’s favorite scene of the appearance of giant sandworms “Emperor: Battle for Dune”

“Dune” directed by director Danny Villeneuve will be released on October 14th in Taiwan. Warner Bros. will hold a first-watch viewing of “Dune” IMAX highlights today (10), and experience the magnificent adventure through the big screen . Director Danny Villeneuve shared his favorite scene in the movie, which is the huge scene of the giant […]

Stars gathered!Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece “Dune” reveals the latest poster, Juvenile Sweet Tea, foreseeing the future to welcome alien wars jqknews

Original title: Stars Gathering!Hollywood sci-fi masterpiece “Dune” reveals the latest poster, Juvenile Sweet Tea, foreseeing the future for alien wars Sohu Entertainment News. The Hollywood legendary sci-fi masterpiece “Dune”, jointly created by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures of the United States, released a global version of the “Foreseeing the Future” poster. The film is […]