25 years of Tom Yum Kung Crisis Thai business lessons to fight covid

Mr. Kriengkrai Thiannukul, Chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) Said that the Tom Yum Kung crisis 25 years ago was caused by the bursting of the real estate bubble in Thailand and its impact spread to other countries. Most of the severely affected businesses are large companies that borrow low interest loans from […]

The Hankook Ilbo: The Balance of Seeing the World

The competition for super-giant AI technology, which is called ‘the future of artificial intelligence (AI)’, is hot. Super-giant AI with abilities that are one step closer to humans has infinite potential to be used in all fields of the future industry. So, if a company is preparing for future food, it is a situation in […]

“Goodbye, Voyager”…a beautiful universe captured over half a century

The space probe ‘Voyager’, which has been in flight for 45 years since launch in 1977, is about to retire. Recently, local media such as Scientific America reported that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) would introduce the Voyager into a ‘shutdown’ that gradually reduces the power of the spacecraft this year. Voyager is […]

Global Medical Research Center, newly acquired personal information protection certification (ePRIVACY PLUS)

Global Medical Research Center acquires certification for the first time in the industryPersonal information protection certification system, can be obtained only after passing 60 standardsEstablishment of overall management system as well as certification acquisition ↑ Personal information protection certification (ePRIVACY PLUS) logo and description The Global Medical Research Center (GMRC, CEO: Hwan-cheol Lee), an organization […]

A Great Inflation Opportunity or Crisis? [MZ테크]

An unprecedented inflation opportunity or crisis? Video production = Jeong Hye-mi PD 1. Opening Stopped construction sites, gasoline, diesel, and hidden menu prices that go up every day.Amid the continuing high inflation around the world, the red light has begun to turn on in the lives of the people as well. All of this is […]

Banks rush to release NPA stocks, cut prices up to 40% with 0% interest

Mr. Kitti Pattanapongpibul Chairman of the Mortgage Loan Association revealed that the association has organized the event. Home-Loan-NPA Grand Sale 2022 which is an exhibition of properties foreclosed (Non-Performing Asset: NPA) from banks and financial institutions with a variety of second-hand real estate to choose from On the best location at a low price, including […]