Eating ‘this’ as a side dish prevents dementia

Sweet potatoes, onions, and broccoli help prevent dementia ↑ Sweet potato/Photo = Getty Image Bank It is important to detect dementia early and provide ongoing treatment. To prevent it, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and engage in activities that use your brain. Among them, there are foods that help prevent dementia […]

Burundi Eco Unaffordable food prices

Soaring prices are affecting the daily lives of Burundians. For more than a year, we have been witnessing a generalized and continuous rise in food prices. The figures published by the National Institute of Statistics of Burundi, ex-ISTEEBU are cold on the back. Food inflation is not abating in the market. “Annual inflation reaches 28%. […]

Apple Pay came out … Credit card company fee discussion ‘again?’

Although the Apple Pay service has been officially launched, the card industry is worried that the burden of fees will increase./Newsis Although the Apple Pay service has landed in Korea, the card industry is not happy about it. This is due to the concern that the fee burden will increase in the future. In the […]

‘Resident Evil RE:4’ PS4, PS5, XBSX package products officially released in Korea

Representative image of biohazard/Gampia Gamepia announced on the 25th that it is releasing the ‘Resident Evil RE: 4’ pack for PlayStation (PS) 4·5 and Xbox Series X | S in collaboration with Capcom Asia. While maintaining the core of the original Resident Evil 4 released in 2005, this work remakes the latest survival horror through […]

Transform “Shenzhen Experience” into “Harbin Experience” Harbin New District “professor” cooperation between Shenzhen and Harbin

Transform “Shenzhen Experience” into “Harbin Experience” Harbin New District “professor” cooperation between Shenzhen and Harbin March 25, 2023 22:09:33 Source: Leading News · Heilongjiang Daily Author: Xue Jing Do you want to know what kind of fission effect will be produced when the national new area supports the national strategy of cooperation between Shenzhen and […]

“Samsung Semiconductor in trouble?” Fight with the forces of the TSMC-Nvidia allies… Winner of the ‘Nano War’ [비즈360]”- Herald Economy

In April 2014, when TSMC founder Maurice Chang gave a lecture at Stanford University in the United States, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, shared his impressions of attending the lecture.[스탠포드대학 유튜브 캡처] [헤럴드경제=김지헌 기자] TSMC, the world’s No. 1 foundry (semiconductor chip batch production) that has been pushed behind by Samsung in the speed of […]

“The wages of all the workers were raised by 8 million, won → 5 million won again.” Where is the big company?” – The Economy Herald

[헤럴드경제= 박영훈기자] “We raise the whole thing too” While many companies are freezing or slightly raising salaries due to the economic recession, game companies are raising their salaries one after another, drawing attention. Following Nexon, Smilegate is also raising annual salaries this year to a level similar to Nexon. Smilegate is a company famous for […]