Prelude to Baby Monster’s final showdown… Luca, Parita, and Ahyeon, very focused thanks to ‘mentor’ Jenny!

The process of selecting final members to complete YG’s rookie group ‘Baby Monster’ began in earnest with Luca, Parita and Ahyeon’s preparations for the competition, supported by Blackpink’s Jennie. On the 10th, YG Entertainment released the first episode of Baby Monster’s first reality show ‘Last Evaluation’ through its official channel. The released video contains episodes […]

Son Tae-jin ‘Burning Trotman’, today (10th) MBN ‘News 7’ solo appearance confirmed

Son Tae-jin, the ‘1st Trotman’ who was honored with the ‘Burning Trotman’, is triggering a ‘New Trotman’ run that will shake up Korea, such as confirming his solo appearance on MBN’s ‘News 7’. In the ‘Burning Trotman’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Bult’), which ended on the 7th, Son Tae-jin, ‘Trot Won-seok’, who showed improvement in […]

[오늘의 운세] February 23, 2023 Horoscope by Chinese Zodiac

[ 쥐띠 ]Progress and fame are just illusions at this point. Born in 1948: I am in a very difficult situation at the moment.Born in 1960: There will be financial loss, so it is better to prepare.Born in 1972: You can meet nobility through travel, so go on a trip.Born in 1984: Today, I am […]

POSTECH develops AI that accurately predicts oncogenic mutations… Increasing the possibility of early cancer diagnosis

POSTECH (President Moo-Hwan Kim) announced on the 23rd that a research team led by Professor Sang-Wook Kim from the Department of Life Sciences, Dr. Dong-Hyo Kim, and Dr. Do-Yeon Ha has developed a machine learning model that can accurately predict whether mutations in a patient’s gene can cause tissue-specific cancer. Identifying cancer-causing mutations (driver mutations) […]