Playstation VR2 immersion is good ~ – ETNews

Sony officially released the PlayStation VR2, a next-generation virtual reality headset, on the 22nd. As a successor to PS VR, which was introduced in 2016, it has a 110-degree viewing angle on a 2000×2040 high-resolution display and supports immersive VR game play by connecting to PlayStation 5. On the 22nd, a customer experiences a product […]

Sony releases PlayStation VR2… Price 799,000 won

Sony released the next generation virtual reality (VR) headset (HMD) PlayStation VR2 on the 22nd. It includes a VR2 headset, a pair of VR2 sense controllers, and stereo headphones, and the price is 798,000 won. You can enjoy VR games through a wired connection with the separately sold PS5 gaming console. PS VR2 has a […]

‘The Glory’ Part 2, all rice cakes are recovered

In ‘The Glory’ Part 2, all rice cakes are recovered. The Netflix series ‘The Glory’ Part 2, which depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood, carefully prepared for her entire life, and those who fall into the vortex , predicts the intense narrative and development of the […]

[과학핫이슈]Find the ‘Second Earth’ – ETNews

The space we live in, the earth, is a very small part of the vast universe. If we continue to develop and become equipped with excellent space navigation technology, it is possible to leave Earth and prepare a new home in the distant universe. If there is no reason to claim the land due to […]

‘Attack On Sisters’ Trot Goddess Jiwon “I can hear trash because of my leggings”

In ‘Attack on Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’, Park Mi-sun, Jang Young-red, and Kim Ho-young solve their troubles by comforting the storytellers who have suffered various truths and difficulties. On Channel S ‘Attack Sisters (a joint production between Media S and SK Broadband)’, broadcast on January 31st, came the goddess of Trot leggings, Jiwon. Jiwon admitted her […]