Australian Khawaja with ‘Pakistani’ tag finally got Indian visa

He was born in Islamabad, Pakistan. He moved to Australia when he was only 4 years old. Now he is a citizen of Australia. Playing as a national team cricketer at the highest level in Australia. Even so, Usman Khawaja had to get a lot of speed to get an Indian visa. Because of the […]

‘Attack On Sisters’ Trot Goddess Jiwon “I can hear trash because of my leggings”

In ‘Attack on Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’, Park Mi-sun, Jang Young-red, and Kim Ho-young solve their troubles by comforting the storytellers who have suffered various truths and difficulties. On Channel S ‘Attack Sisters (a joint production between Media S and SK Broadband)’, broadcast on January 31st, came the goddess of Trot leggings, Jiwon. Jiwon admitted her […]

The main objectives and tasks of the three-year implementation of state-owned enterprise reform have been completed

State-owned national three-year implementation summary implementation teleconference held in Beijing 2023-02-01 16:57:32 Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network –standard+ Li Lijuan, all-media reporter of Rule of Law Daily Recently, a teleconference on the three-year implementation summary of the national state-owned enterprise reform was held in Beijing. Liu He, Vice Premier of […]