CoinX Resumes Deposit and Withdrawal Services After Major Hack by North Korean Group

**Bitcoin Price Remains Stable at 36.5 Million Won despite CoinX Hacking Incident Linked to North Korea** *By [Journalist’s Name]* CoinX, a prominent virtual currency exchange, has recently resumed its deposit and withdrawal services following a massive hacking attack that cost the platform approximately 90 billion won, allegedly orchestrated by a North Korean-affiliated hacking group known […]

Brother Maji bought MAYC Ultimate Zombie Ape with 500 ETH-Free Finance and Economics

Brother Maji spent 500 ETH to buy MAYC Ultimate Zombie Ape. (The picture is taken from “Brother Maji” Huang Licheng’s X account) [Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]The blockchain media “BlockTempo” reported that “Brother Maji” Huang Licheng bought the “Ultimate” in the Mutant Ape (MAYC) series for 500 Ethereum (ETH, about NT$26 million). Zombie Ape (Mega Zombie)” NTF. […]

The Price of Bitcoin Drops as US SEC Delays Approval of Bitcoin ETF Listing

The US Securities and Exchange Commission Delays Approval of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund In a recent report, it has been revealed that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has chosen to postpone its decision on the listing of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This delay of 45 days has caused a ripple effect in the […]

Cryptocurrency liquidity shrinks following US regulations, greater sense of crisis in domestic virtual currency market

[비즈니스포스트] As domestic and foreign virtual currency liquidity shrinks, there is a possibility that the market will be able to make a comeback. According to the virtual currency industry on the 15th, domestic cryptocurrency depositors announced the suspension of withdrawals one after another, showing signs of shrinking liquidity, and institutional investors are withdrawing their investments […]