Killing wife for dowry: death penalty for husband

The tribunal sentenced husband Shaheen to death for killing his wife Riva for dowry in the capital’s Mirpur about four years ago. On Monday (February 13), Judge Begum Mafroza Parveen of Dhaka’s Women and Children Torture Prevention Tribunal-8 announced the verdict in the presence of the accused. In addition to the death sentence, he was […]

Bangladesh coach Hathurusingaye for two years

The post of head coach of the Tigers has been vacant since December last year after the departure of Russell Domingo. The cricket community was in a frenzy over the question of who will sit next. Finally the wait is over. Chandika Hathurusinghe, the former head coach of the Tigers, got the responsibility of the […]

A public toilet for one lakh people in Comilla city

Common people of Comilla City Corporation (CUSIC) are suffering daily due to lack of public toilets. Especially women and ordinary people coming from outside the city are suffering the most. According to Kusik’s calculations, the population in 27 wards of Comilla city is about 5 lakhs. Apart from this, more than 1 lakh people live […]

Choi Siwon starred in “Frozen Love” and witnessed the “happy romantic” succeed with its highest rating! _Transliteration_sub_TV series

Original title: Choi Siwon successfully starred in “Frozen Love” as the “happy romantic” with the highest rating! Stills from Choi Siwon’s TV drama “Love is for Suckers” (“Frozen Love”) Stills from Choi Siwon’s TV drama “Love is for Suckers” (“Frozen Love”) Stills from Choi Siwon’s TV drama “Love is for Suckers” (“Frozen Love”) Entertainment News […]

Apple Sensible Keyboard for Mac (compatible with Windows) Kikron K2 (K2 A1) Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Red Axis White LED: Dana and DPG are DPG

Kikron K2 (K2 A1) Red LED White Built-in Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Hello Walter. Today, I would like to introduce ‘K2 White LED Red Wireless Keyboard’ from Kikron, which is difficult to change to another keyboard once the normal keyboard is lost. There are actually many products depending on the type of wired/wireless, slim, arrangement, switch […]

Empowering Women for a Better Healthcare

Bayer Thai joins forces with True Digital to promote health care for women in the new era Telemedicine kick-off: Empowering Women for a Better Healthcare Consult a specialist online anytime, anywhere. Ms. Jin Ah Lee, Managing Director of Bayer Thai Company Limited and General Manager of Pharmaceutical Business Group Bayer, as one of the world’s […]

3 ways to prevent ‘cardiovascular disease’ in summer

One of the diseases to be aware of in the hot summer is ‘cardiovascular disease’. This is because, when you sweat due to the heat, the water in your body decreases, and at this time, the viscosity of the blood increases, which increases blood clots in the blood vessels, which can cause acute myocardial infarction. […]