‘GPU died instead of mobs’ … Diablo 4 beta, specific GPU brick

The early access beta service for Blizzard Entertainment’s latest Diablo series, Diablo 4, took place last weekend. However, bricking has been reported on the graphics cards of some users who participated in the beta test. According to multiple foreign media outlets on the 23rd (local time), a number of beta players on foreign community sites […]

Use AI to generate NPC dialogue! Ubisoft is pushing Ghostwriter AI to aid game development

Game publisher and developer Ubisoft recently launched Ghostwriter AI, a tool that generates first drafts of dialogue for non-player characters (NPCs) in games. This innovative technology aims to help authors create more immersive and diverse game worlds by automating some boring and repetitive background chat tasks. What is Ghostwriting AI? Ghostwriter AI is an artificial […]

A teaser trailer for the AAA project “MindsEye” included in the platform “Everywhere” led by the former president of Rockstar North Leslie Benzies has been released « doope!

“Everywhere” was announced as the first work of Build A Rocket Boy, a new studio headed by former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies, at “gamescom: Opening Night Live” broadcast last August, but it is still a mystery while waiting for the sequel to the project with many projects, Build A Rocket Boy has released a […]

Making a game more realistic than ray tracing, the Nvidia Path Tracing SDK distribution

Nvidia has released an SDK trace path for game developers. The SDK tracking path released this time includes all the technologies to realize real-time rendering, including DLSS3, frame generation technology, and Shader execution reordering (SER) to improve ray tracing efficiency. It is explained that Nvidia has overcome the real-time processing limitations of path tracing by […]

FromSoftware’s masterpiece “ELDEN RING” won a triple crown including GOTY at “GDC Awards 2023”, a summary of award-winning works in all 12 categories « doope!

Today, the “GDC 2023 Awards” award ceremony was held, and FromSoftware’s masterpiece “ELDEN RING” won this year’s GOTY, Best Design Award, and Best Visual Art Award, and it is clear that it has achieved a spectacular triple crown that became . Santa Monica Studio’s new masterpiece God of War Ragnarök also won three categories, Obsidian […]