A commentary video introducing the full spaceship creation mode of the spaceship building sim “The Last Starship” has been released, and the development is Introversion Software which gave birth to Prison Architect « doope!

The construction and operation sim of the spaceship “The Last Starship”, published in June last year as a new work by Introversion Software, known for many original works such as Prison Architect and Scanner Sombre, and the demo distribution began long awaited public the other day. , while expectations are high that it will enter […]

FPS launcher “GoldenEye 007” will be distributed overseas on Nintendo Switch and Xbox on January 27! Within 2023 in Japan! — Funglr Games

Control characters from a first-person perspective, such as ‘Apex Legends’, ‘VALORANT’, ‘Counter-Strike’, ‘Call of Duty’, etc.FPSthingfirst person shooterteeth,One of the most played game genres in the worldIsn’t it?Many titles are free to play, so it’s easy to get started, so it’s not only fun to play, but it’s also widely played in game distribution and […]

The details of the fourth free title update are revealed! “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Special 2023.2.2” will be distributed from 8:00 on February 2!

Free Title Update Issue 4 Special will be distributed! It has been announced that the video program “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Special Program 2023.2.2”, which provides the latest information about “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak”, will be held onFrom 8:00 on 2 February 2023 (Thursday)distribution. I see! In this episode, we will include an introduction video […]

The World Before” Japanese version for PS5 released, launch trailer « doope!

The latest work in the popular adventure series “Syberia: The World Before”, launched for PC in March last year, and released for Xbox Series X | The Japanese version of PS5 has been released for sale, and the latest subtitle launch trailer depicting two main characters, two eras, and two stages has been released. “Syberia: […]

Samsung ‘Galaxy A54 5G’ passed US certification… Wi-Fi 6 support

Source: Flintshire County Council Recently, Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy A54 5 G, which is expected to be the top model of the Galaxy A series in 2023, received certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to Flintshire County Council documents, two Galaxy A54 5G model numbers have passed certification: ▲SM-A546E ▲SM-A546E/DS. In the document, you […]

HoYover’s latest work! Galaxy adventure RPG “Honkai: Interstellar Railway” closed beta recruitment begins! -Funglr Games

The global entertainment brand that produced the open world RPGs “Yuanshin” and “Honkai Gakuen”HoIverse“Introducing a new galaxy adventure RPG”Honkai: Railway of the Star」.Taking the Milky Way as a new stage, he depicts a galactic opera with an ever-changing development.The screenshot of the game was released at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2022 special, and the beta […]