Who is Fernandez’s best player in the league?

Fernandes enjoys playing football. The players mentioned below are expected to be nominated for the PFA Player of the Year, Player of the Year by a football reporter. Man City’s Kevin Debrainer, Ruben Dias, Ilkai Gundoan, Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah, Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Leeds United’s Hafina and Bampford, Chelsea’s Mason Mount and Aston Villa’s Jack Greeley […]

Leicester match schedule confirmed | Official Manchester United website

Currently, United are in second place in the Premier League, and Leicester is in third place. The fierce fight continues for the next season’s Champions League qualities. Manchester United’s May Schedule*Based on local time May 2-Liverpool (home)May 6-Rome (Expedition)May 9-Villa (Expedition)May 12-Leicester (home) The schedule for the home game against Fulham and the away game […]

Coach Solshar, “A really important game”

If United wins, coach Ole Gunnar Solskár and his squad will be able to secure at least fourth place this season and qualify for the Champions League next season. To do this, West Ham, who is playing against Burnley, must fail to secure points. Coach Solskár said the weekend match will be an important match […]

Liverpool team news from coach Solsk

Manchester United, who is in second place in the Premier League and aiming to secure a place in the Champions League next season, won a 6-2 win over AS Roma at Old Trafford. And the match against Liverpool on the weekend is also the first match in May. In addition to delivering positive news about […]

Who is the best player in the Burnley game? | Official Manchester United website

“It was a good shot, it was heading towards the target, but it needed a bit of refraction.” Said Greenwood. Although halftime substitute Edinson Cavani confirmed the win with a cool finish in overtime, this is Greenwood’s Day to take the headlines for the second time this season and top the Man of the Match […]

Burnley multi-goal explained by Greenwood | Official Manchester United website

Greenwood jokingly told the club’s media after the game “I got half assists from Rashford, half assists from Bruno.” Said. “A great pass from Rashford came and Fernandez was smart and intelligent. I yelled at him, and he let me scream.” In the second, Greenwood, who tied 1-1, cut inward with his left foot in […]

Rashford, will you play in Leicester? | Official Manchester United website

Regarding the recent offense problem position, Solskard delivered positive news that he will soon be able to make a full complement of options. Antony Marsial played half of the first leg against AC Milan in Old Trafford a week ago, and Edinson Cavani was absent from the expedition because he was unable to play due […]

Colleagues celebrating Ahmad’s debut goal | Official Manchester United website

Manchester United won a 1-1 draw against AC Milan. Ahmad scored the opening goal with a nice header, but it ended up in a draw. Ahmad, who was replaced at halftime, rushes towards Milan’s empty space. Received a pass from Bruno Fernandes and showed a sensational heading goal. Ahmad shook the net guarded by Gianluigi […]

United to draw 1-1 against AC Milan | Official Manchester United website

On the morning of the 12th (Korean time), Manchester United won a 1-1 draw against AC Milan in the home game of the 2020/2021 European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL) Round of 16 held at Old Trafford in Manchester, England. A week later, victory is desperate for the second leg of the expedition. For […]