Petro’s reaction to alleged boos at Karol G’s concert

This refers to the different occasions when, at public events, crowds gather to sing.. This month, this has happened in matches of the Colombian National Team, matches of the BetPlay League and, even, in weddings. Also read: Petro and Galán meet in Dubai This whole movement began when, in the Colombian National Team’s match against […]

Why do the liberals want to declare independence from the Petro government?

In the communication, Gaviria reiterated to Petro: “I think it is time to make it clear that we are going to move to a position of independence.” It is important to mention that another of the parties that could leave the Government coalition is Alianza Verde, who have also shown their disagreements from the legislature, […]

This is how Petro and other politicians reacted to Milei’s victory in Argentina

The victory of Javier Milei as elected president of Argentina has generated a stir and surprise in politics. Figures on the international stage have reacted to the decision of the Argentine people, some welcoming the news positively and raising questions about what is coming for Latin America with the new head of state. President Gustavo […]

Former Minister Abudinen will denounce Petro before the IACHR. Why?

Who was Abudinen with in the photo? In the publication that President Petro made about Karen Abudinen, the former minister He was with Ramón Jesurún, president of the Football Federation, and with Federico Gutiérrez and Alejandro Char, elected mayors of Medellín and Barranquilla. This record was taken a few minutes before the game started, and […]

What is the San Juan de Dios Hospital and why is it so important?

President Gustavo Petro signed, a few hours ago, the decree with which he confirms his government’s intention to recover, restore and put into operation the San Juan de Dios Hospital. One of the medical centers with the most history in the Colombian capital after almost 5 centuries, several years of abandonment and a recovery process […]

The government’s response after controversy with the contracting model

These entities, as executors of the General Budget of the Nation, have the competence, experience and suitability to execute said public policies, and can directly advance the contracting processes in an efficient and effective manner. Nevertheless, This new decree assured that all contracts must respond to the efficient execution of public resources coming from the […]

Claudia López, again, taunted President Gustavo Petro

The clashes between the district government and the national government have not ceased due to the construction of the Bogotá Metro and personal quarrels between President Gustavo Petro and the outgoing mayor Claudia López. This was demonstrated in some recent statements from the local president who, once again, sent satires to the head of state […]

Darts from Margarita Rosa to María Jimena Duzán in a letter to Petro

Besides, He assured that his words are like an explosion of dynamite that leaves public opinion even more confused of the country and that his words, on this occasion, do not serve as a serious criticism of the government. However, he made it clear that, in his opinion, María Jimena Duzán is a journalist capable […]

Petro pointed out that the conditions in which Luis Díaz’s father is can become dangerous

On November 1, the peace delegation of the government and the ELN confirmed that the guerrilla group has kidnapped the father of the Colombian soccer player. Luis Dayz. Given the fact, from the political sector, several figures have reacted with rejection. Recently, the president, Gustavo Petroalso expressed himself, reaffirming the responsibility of the insurgent organization. […]

The clash between Petro and the president of the CNE over what happened in Gamarra, Cesar

The unfortunate situation that occurred in Gamarra, Cesar, which has already claimed the life of an official from the Registry Office and left several injured, has sparked a discussion between the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro and the president of the CNE (National Electoral Council), Alfonso Martinez Field. The events presented this Saturday morning, […]