HIV, early detection, know first, can move forward –

Source: Department of Disease Control photo folder Disease Prevention and Control Office 11, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Invite people to join the HIV testing campaign Under the concept of “HIV, check early, know first, move on” ready to invite those with risky behavior Get tested for HIV Thai people can get tested for free twice […]

Global Medical Research Center, newly acquired personal information protection certification (ePRIVACY PLUS)

Global Medical Research Center acquires certification for the first time in the industryPersonal information protection certification system, can be obtained only after passing 60 standardsEstablishment of overall management system as well as certification acquisition ↑ Personal information protection certification (ePRIVACY PLUS) logo and description The Global Medical Research Center (GMRC, CEO: Hwan-cheol Lee), an organization […]

A Great Inflation Opportunity or Crisis? [MZ테크]

An unprecedented inflation opportunity or crisis? Video production = Jeong Hye-mi PD 1. Opening Stopped construction sites, gasoline, diesel, and hidden menu prices that go up every day.Amid the continuing high inflation around the world, the red light has begun to turn on in the lives of the people as well. All of this is […]

Antihistamines and precautions that you should know before taking

Who often takes antihistamines Should read this article before eating next time. What are antihistamines? Many people take antihistamines to eat when they have itchy throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, rash, etc. Ms. Suksiri Sirisawangwat Doctor at Children’s Health Center Phyathai 1 Hospital states that antihistamines are generally divided into two main categories: tablets, […]

A new medical examination center for expatriates has been opened

Kuwait City | The Ministry of Health’s Fifth Expatriate Checkpoint has opened at the Kuwait International Fair Ground in Mishrif. Union Health Minister Dr. Al Saeed inaugurated. The new center has the capacity to accommodate one thousand visitors per day. The new center is being set up as part of the ministry’s ongoing efforts to […]

4 zodiac signs prepare for Uranus to move 7 July 2022

moving Uranus This time, walk into Taurus on the day July 7, 2022 With a period of up to 7 years, it is considered a very important move. positive zodiac signs In this move, work, finances, love and health stand out. After the ballast for a long time, 1. Aquarius 2. Pisces 3. Scorpio 4. […]