New song arrived POKMINDSET + HYE Paper Planes So Dumb (So Dumb)

Let’s start the year with new songs Pok – Passakorn Chirathivat ” or POKMINDSET with the single Really Dumb (So Dumb) and also the first time he released his work with rock music. “Hai Thanwa Ketsuwan” or “HYE Paper Planes” The young man’s favorite teenage boy came on board as a producer on this single […]

Success! Djokovic wins sixth ATP Finals title after seven years of waiting

Nole Novak Djokovic of Serbia celebrates his sixth ATP Finals title, equaling Roger Federer’s all-time record. Novak Djokovic The former world number 1 tennis player from Serbia won the men’s tennis championship at the end of the year. “ATP Final” The 6th period corresponds to the full time record of Roger Federer The former world […]

The movie “Hello, Beijing” was released today and a special cheering program was released to cheer up the fighters around the country_TOM Entertainment

With Cao Qianqian as the main director and producer, the film “Hello, Beijing“was released nationwide on 11.18 today! At the same time, the special edition of “Salute to the Strugglers” was solemnly released. In the special episode, director Cao Qianqian and the leading actors shared their original creative intentions and perceptions of their dreams, paying […]

The film “Hello, Beijing” held the public welfare screening of the Nine-City association “Humanth in the World” to walk with warmth_TOM Entertainment

recently,Warm Reality Movies“Hello, Beijing“The Connection of nine Cities was held grandly“Global Warming” Public Welfare Screening.. The event started in Beijing and was held in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo, Chengdu, Wuxi, and Kunming simultaneously, to cheer up those who are still working hard in the cold winter . In the Beijing film theater, director Cao […]

Hi Comrin, I have a question. : Dana and DPG DPG my coronary heart

Howdy. I have a question, so this is my very first time putting up on a bulletin board. Initial of all, my laptop specs are as follows: Windows Requirements: Home windows 10 Pro Device identify: ITK-20190813TGF Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Main Processor 3.50 GHz Mounted RAM: 16.0GB type of program64-little bit operating system, x64-based […]