Hepatitis in Dogs: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention Tips

Dong-ri Kim, Head of Radiology, Bundang Leaders Animal Medical Center 24 hours (animal hospital) Hepatitis: A Painful Condition for Dogs Hepatitis, an inflammatory condition of the skin on the foot area, can cause discomfort and pain for our canine companions. This condition can manifest in various ways, such as redness, swelling, itching, and even severe […]

Understanding and Preventing Explosive Hepatitis: Insights from a Medical Expert

**Hekujin’s New Chairman, Lin Qianhao, Succumbs to Explosive Hepatitis** By Cai Tingyu, Reporter / Exclusive Interview In a shocking revelation this July, it was reported that Lin Qianhao, the recently appointed chairman of Hekujin, had tragically passed away from explosive hepatitis. The renowned GINO actor had sought medical treatment for this condition, with doctors warning […]

Chula Researchers Develop Wireless Hepatitis B Test Kit for Fast and Easy Screening

Researchers Develop Wireless Hepatitis B Test Kit In an effort to simplify and speed up the diagnosis of hepatitis B, a group of researchers from Chulalongkorn University have developed a wireless point-of-care testing kit. Led by Professor Pisit Dr. Tangkitwanit and Professor Dr. Natthaya Chuayphen from the Faculty of Medicine, along with Professor Dr. Orawan […]

Overdosing on Cold Syrup Leads to Acute Hepatitis: A Warning for Patients

Cold Syrup Addiction Leads to Acute Hepatitis Man Put in Danger by His Habit of Drinking Cold Syrup A man in his 60s has recently suffered from a severe case of acute hepatitis due to his addiction to cold syrup. Initially admitted to the hospital for an appendicitis operation, the man’s condition took a turn […]

The Dangerous Habit of Drinking Cold Syrup: A Case of Acute Hepatitis

** A Dangerous Habit: Man Develops Acute Hepatitis After Excessive Consumption of Cold Syrup ** By [Your Name] Revealing a shocking case, a man in his 60s ended up in the hospital once again after falling unconscious due to his excessive consumption of cold syrup. This alarming incident unfolded following the patient’s discharge from the […]

Exploring the Clinical Use of Coenzyme C10: A Drug with Dual Identity

Coenzyme Q10: A Versatile Compound with Promising Medical Applications By Li Wenhan Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, is a vital component found in the mitochondrial respiratory chain of biological cells. It plays a crucial role in proton translocation and electron transfer, making it an essential contributor to respiratory chain functionality in the body. With […]

The Child-Pugh Classification: Assessing Liver Function in Cirrhosis

Child-Pugh Classification: A Comprehensive Tool for Assessing Liver Function With the advancement of medicine, the assessment of liver function has become essential in diagnosing and managing liver diseases. One such assessment method is the Child-Pugh classification, which was introduced by Pugh in 1973. Originally, the liver function assessment was based on the Child-Turcotte classification. However, […]

The Rising Threat of Liver Cancer: Causes, Risk Factors, and Prevention

Key Points: Liver cancer and bile duct cancer are the top-ranking cancers in Thailand, with liver cancer being the number one cancer in men and the third most common cancer in women. More than 20,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, resulting in approximately 15,000 deaths annually. It is important to note that liver cancer […]

SGLT-2 Inhibitor, a Diabetes Treatment Drug, Shows Promise in Preventing Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Domestic researchers have confirmed the effectiveness of SGLT-2 inhibitor, a diabetes treatment drug, in preventing non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a liver disease characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver. The research team discovered that this drug aids in reducing inflammation by enhancing the liver cells’ ability to eliminate waste. The team, consisting of professors […]