Japan Suffers Defeat Against Taiwan in U18 World Cup Qualifiers

Japan Defeated by Taiwan in Qualifier, Aims for First Win in Final Taipei, Taiwan – In a stunning upset, Japan’s U18 baseball team suffered a complete defeat in their preliminary match against Taiwan. The game took place at the Taiwan/Taipei Tianmu Baseball Stadium which was filled with the unique sound of cheerful songs, leaving the […]

The Rising Stars of Japanese Baseball: Yoto Sakai Unveils Takigawa Hajime’s Record-Breaking Right Arm

Yoto Sakai Showcases Hajime Takigawa’s Blazing 149 km Right Arm On the 7th, Takanoren, Japan’s official professional baseball organization, updated their list of players who have submitted professional application forms on their official website. Among the six new additions is Kyoshiro Sakura, an outstanding outfielder from Kyushu International University. List of Candidates Who Submitted a […]

Keio High School’s Inspirational Cheering Propels them to a Historic Victory

Keio High School Celebrates First Championship Win in 107 Years Date: August 23, 2023 Location: Koshien Photo: Jiji Press Photo Keio High School, representing Kanagawa Prefecture, clinched the coveted title at the Summer 105 All Japan High School Baseball Championship, marking their first championship win in an astonishing 107 years. Unconventional Cheering Style Spurs Team’s […]

Keio High School Baseball Champions Interviewed on Victory at Kanagawa Prefecture Grounds

Keio High School Wins 105th National High School Baseball Championship Interview with Infielder Katsuji Kiyohara, Son of Baseball Legend Kazuhiro Kiyohara Kanagawa Prefecture – In a historical victory, Keio High School emerged triumphant in the 105th National High School Baseball Championship, reclaiming the title for the second time since the tournament’s inception in 1916. The […]

The Impact of Hairstyles on High School Club Activities: Insights from the Mandom Survey

About 30% of High School Students Report Issues with Hairstyles, According to “Mandom” Survey Results The 105th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial Tournament concluded with Keio (Kanagawa) emerging victorious for the first time in 107 years. The team’s emphasis on individual freedom in hairstyles and player-led team building took center stage. This departure from […]

Keio High School’s Victory: A Turning Point for High School Baseball

Keio High School’s Victory Marks a Milestone for High School Baseball On August 23, Keio High School emerged victorious in the 105th National High School Baseball Tournament, claiming their first championship in an astounding 107 years. The team’s triumph not only captivated the attention of many, but it also serves as a significant turning point […]

The Mysterious Message that Appeared in Sendai Mitsukoshi after the Koshien Final

Title: Emotional Message Unveiled at Sendai Mitsukoshi following Koshien Final Subtitle: Fans Left in Tears as Heartfelt Message Displays at Sendai Mitsukoshi In a poignant display of emotions, spectators were moved to tears as a heartfelt message appeared at Sendai Mitsukoshi after the Koshien final. The message, which read “No, I’m going to cry…” struck […]