Betagro submits 500 million IPO shares to the SET

Betagro Public Company Limited submitted the registration statement and draft prospectus (Filing) to the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the initial public offering ( IPO) in the amount not exceeding 500 million shares, representing not more than 25% of the total number of issued and paid-up ordinary shares of the Company. […]

Entrusted to process and produce real biological new crown oral drug Azvudine tablets, China Resources Shuanghe daily limit_Oriental Fortune Net

May 9,China Resources ShuangheAt the opening daily limit, the stock price was reported at 30.16 yuan per share, with nearly 700,000 orders. On the news, the company yesterday eveningannouncementsigned the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” and the “Framework Agreement for the Entrusted Processing and Production of Azvudine Tablets” with Real Bio, and was entrusted with the processing […]

Feifan R7 interior design exposed for the first time with large-size triple screen

Original title: Feifan R7 interior design first exposed with large-size triple screen Produced | Sohu Auto·E Electric Park E Electric Park obtained the interior design drawing of Feifan R7 from the official. The most characteristic of the new car is the 43-inch wide-format true color triple screen, which consists of a 15.05-inch AMOLED central control […]

ECF issued 3 tranches of debentures, maturity 1-3 years, interest 7-7.25%.

East Coast Furnitech Public Company Limited (ECF) filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the issuance and offering of name-bearer debentures. Unsubordinated, unsecured, debenture holder representative and the debenture issuer has the right to redeem the debentures before maturity No. 1/2022, total value not exceeding 800 million baht. First batch, […]

COLOPL, “Alice Gear” is under the title of “Golden Alice Gear Theater”, and various updates such as free scouts are being carried out once a day | gamebiz

COLOPLIs implementing various updates entitled “Golden Alice Gear Theater” in the smartphone game, armed customization action “Alice Gear Aegis” (hereinafter referred to as “Alice Gear”).———————————————————-Golden Week commemorative update “Golden Alice Gear Theater” is underway!———————————————————-Various Golden Week commemorative updates are being carried out in the game under the title of “Golden Alice Gear Theater”. Update information […]

Capcom updates “CAPCOM STEAM GOLDEN WEEK SALE” Steam version “Monster Hunter Rise”, “Devil May Cry 5” and others are 50% off

CapcomAnnounced that “CAPCOM STEAM GOLDEN WEEK SALE” has been updated from April 28th today. 50% off Steam version “Monster Hunter Rise”, “Devil May Cry 5” and others. 50% off the Steam version of “Monster Hunter Rise” that supports customization according to the PC environment, such as graphics options including “various filters” and keyboard & mouse […]