China punishes the US Micron … Will Samsung and SK open additional supply of semiconductors?

Chinese “Micron products, serious network security”Major Chinese companies virtually ban the acquisition of Micron semiconductorsSamsung and SK seize the opportunity to replace Micron and gain reflective benefits?US, strengthen public regulation… Samsung and SK lose out on South Korea’s demand for participationOptimism that the government “will not lead to damage to Samsung and SK” American Micron […]

Regular use of the internet reduces the risk of dementia

Professor Won-Jo Ga Ga, New York School of Global Public Health… Older people who use the Internet for more than 2 hours have a higher risk of dementia Elderly, when using the Internet regularly… Reduces dementia by half compared to irregular use When elderly people use the Internet for 10 minutes to 2 hours a […]

IMSS: How to register at a clinic near your home online?

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) offers its beneficiaries the opportunity to register at a clinic (Family Medical Unit – UMF) close to their home through a mobile application and here we tell you how. To start the registration process at an IMSS clinic online, it is important, first of all, that the beneficiary have […]

TV stocks, loss of ad money Severe profit fall Strong economic recovery: PPTVHD36

Listed companies in many television media groups 1st quarter 2023 announcement, with revenues and profits greatly reduced due to lower advertising spend In contrast to the Thai economy which is currently in a period of rapid recovery. from a strong boost of foreign tourists entering the country AOT shows 2nd quarter 2023 profit 1,860.53 million […]

Using the internet can ‘prevent dementia’ in the elderly : Donga Science

New York University, USA Courtesy of Getty Images Bank A study has found that regular use of the Internet among the elderly has the effect of preventing dementia. Excessive use of the Internet or immersion in online games can cause adverse effects such as addiction symptoms, but appropriate use can provide a healthy stimulus to […]

“WHO amends coronavirus vaccination recommendations, no need for healthy children” Spreading news is misleading. Emphasis is placed on safety and efficacy

WHO’s revised in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and vaccination that has penetrated society and entered the phase of aiming to acquire herd immunityguidelines. The safety and efficacy of the vaccine are emphasized, and there is no statement that clearly states that “healthy children do not need it.” View Entire Post […]

Spring: Memes reach social networks after the start of the equinox

Although it is traditionally believed that the beginning of spring is March 21, this is not completely true. For this 2023, the spring equinox, starts today, Monday, March 20, at exactly 9:24 p.m. Given this, users of social networks have unleashed their creativity and have shared numerous memes to commemorate the arrival of the station, […]

Heat: Memes reach social networks in Mexico with the change of climate

Although there are still days to go before the start of the primaverain some parts of Mexico the heatso users of social networks have not stopped and have invaded the Internet with memes for all tastes. For this 2023, the spring equinox arrives in Mexico next Monday, March 20, at exactly 9:24 p.m. READ MORE: […]

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