2024 iPad Pro and 2026 MacBook Pro with OLED display?Supply Chain Report | Kamiap

Apple currently includes organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays in the iPhone and Apple Watch, but there have been constant rumors of plans to expand the range of devices with them. Sources from the supply chain side have indicated that Apple plans to equip iPads and MacBooks with OLED display panels. 2024 iPad Pro and […]

Stable Diffusion was released especially for Apple

Image generated with the stimulus ‘High quality image of an astronaut riding a horse/dragon in space’ using a static diffusion optimization model running on a device with an Apple chip (Photo Credit: Apple) Apple has unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI) image generator optimized for running on Apple chips, called Stable Diffusion (SD). It is a […]

iOS 16.1.1 Want to be safe, hurry to update! to your iPhone and iPad.

An apple released iOS 16.1.1 and iPadOS 16.1.1, a minor bugfix update that comes two weeks after the release of iOS 16.1, an update that adds support for iCloud Shared Photo Library, Matter, Live Activities, and more. iOS 16.1.1 fixes some bugs and issues such as Users reported their iPhones Intermittently disconnecting from Wi-Fi after […]