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Charmaine Sheh (Ah Sheh) returned to her mother’s TVB after almost 5 years of absence to film “News Queen” produced by Zhong Shujia. The series has already attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Currently, the production of the series has officially started. Recently, some netizens met Ah Sheh and He Yiting on the […]

The Glory 2 reaches the spot as the #1 most watched foreign language series.

The response was too hot to resist The series “The Glory” After moving from No. 3 to No. 2, Netflix’s most-watched series globally in the Most Watched Foreign Language Series category on March 13, 2023 is the highest ever recorded. Since the start of the first stream part ever It was also No. 1 in […]

The shock of the fans! A young singer is arrested for drunk driving

Nam Tae Hyun was arrested for drunk driving, damaging taxi doors A high blood alcohol level was found. A driving license can be revoked.A former member of the boy band, Nam Tae-hyun, has been arrested for drunk driving. causing damage to other road users disappointed fans and netizens Because previously a name was involved in […]