5-10% of all cancers from ‘hereditary cancer’… need genetic testing

▶ Lee Soo-hyun, professor of oncology and hematology at Korea University Anam Hospital Lee Soo-hyun, professor of oncology and hematology at Korea University Anam Hospital, said, “With the development of gene mutation diagnosis methods, the diagnosis rate of ‘hereditary cancer’, which accounts for 10-15% of all cancers, is increasing. .” [고려대 안암병원 제공] The disease […]

Smoking accounts for 30% of cancers… E-cigarettes are also harmful

Cancer questions from the National Cancer Centre 21 March is ‘Cancer Prevention Day’. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1/3 of cancers can be prevented, 1/3 can be cured with early diagnosis and treatment, and 1/3 of cancer patients can be cured with appropriate treatment. In the sense of symbolizing ‘3- 2-1’, this day […]

If you have trouble swallowing food for more than two weeks… oropharyngeal cancer?

▶ Kyungho Oh, Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Korea University Ansan Hospital Oh Gyeong-ho, professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at Korea University Ansan Hospital, said, “Recently, the number of head and neck cancers associated with human papillomavirus (HPV) is increasing, so it is necessary to prepare countermeasures. ” [고려대 안산병원 제공] Head […]

Orthostatic hypotension, ‘Valsalva maneuver’ increases diagnosis rate – Korea Times

▶ Valsalva technique, measuring heart rate and blood pressure while breathing with the abdomen Diagnosing orthostatic hypotension with the Valsalva maneuver. [고려대 안암병원 제공] A study has found that the diagnosis rate of orthostatic hypotension can be increased with the ‘Valsalva manoeuvre’, which measures changes in heart rate and blood pressure while breathing through the […]

Is all fat bad for your health? “It’s just a misunderstanding”

▶ Work and Health – 10 Myths about Food and Nutrition ▶ The nutritional value of fresh fruit and vegetables and canned food is the same… Don’t obsess over calorie counting, but develop healthy eating habits in general Does soy milk increase the risk of breast cancer? Are fat-free foods healthier than high-fat foods? Are […]

regular exercise… Improve health by strengthening immunity

▶ Proof of vaccine-like effect, maximum effect in 150 minutes per week ▶ Avoid excessive exercise such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease During cold and flu season, the best way to stay healthy is to stay physically active. The correlation between regular exercise and better immune defense against disease, long considered folk wisdom, is […]

“FTX Subsidiary CEO Files ‘Fraud’ Whistleblower in Bahamas Just Before Filed for Bankruptcy Protection”

▶ Bahamas Securities Commission “Bankman-Fried sent customer money to affiliated companies” Bloomberg News reported on the 15th that the CEO of an affiliate of the virtual currency exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy protection with a US court, revealing the possibility of FTX fraud to Bahamian authorities. According to documents related to FTX’s bankruptcy protection proceedings […]

[의학카페] “Don’t touch your face with your hands”

▶ Essential to prevent flu infection… Wash your hands as often as possible What is the best way to deal with a flu epidemic? Experts stressed that refraining from touching your face with your hands is a great help in preventing flu infection. In a situation where ‘Triple Demic’ such as Corona 19, flu, and […]