Kuwait deported 30,000 expatriates, including Pravasi Indians | Deshabhimani

Manama> Kuwait to deport 30,000 expatriates including more than eight thousand Indians in 2022. According to the Ministry of Interior, these expatriates were deported for breaking various laws such as using drugs, beating, stealing, manufacturing counterfeit alcohol, overstaying or their visas, and not following Kuwaiti laws. Last year, 17,000 men and 13,000 women were deported. […]

Three people were arrested with locally produced alcohol in Kuwait!| News in Malayalam

Kuwait: Liquor Seized In Kuwait: Three people were arrested in Kuwait with locally produced liquor. 830 bottles of liquor were seized from them. Mubarak Al Kabir Governmental Investigation Division arrested the accused. Money earned by selling liquor was also recovered from their hands. Also read: An expat was arrested for trying to smuggle drugs into […]

Three expatriates were arrested with locally produced liquor in Kuwait

Kuwait City: Three expatriates were arrested in Kuwait with locally produced liquor. They were caught from two places during the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Two people were arrested from Fintas. They had 98 bottles of drinks in their possession. A notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs also said […]

Kuwait to check graduation certificates of all government employees

Kuwait City | Decision to verify the degree certificates of natives and foreigners working in the government sector in Kuwait. The action was taken because many fake university degree certificates were discovered during the inspection carried out in the last few days. The certificates of expatriates working in government agencies will be checked regardless of […]

Kuwait ready to charge fees for medicine from foreigners

Kuwait is ready to charge a fee for medicine from foreigners in Kuwait. The Minister of Health, Dr Ahmed Al Awadi, has instructed the authorities to charge a fee of 10 dinars for government hospitals and 5 dinars for primary health clinics. Officials said that the decision comes into effect from today. Earlier, primary health […]

60-year-old heart transplant successful in Kuwait

Kuwait City | A 60-year-old Kuwaiti man who suffered congestive heart failure and was unresponsive to treatment underwent a successful heart transplant. This is a new achievement for Kuwait in the field of treatment. This is also the second heart transplant in the country. The first for a Kuwaiti citizen. The operation was performed by […]