Three expatriates were arrested with locally produced liquor in Kuwait

Kuwait City: Three expatriates were arrested in Kuwait with locally produced liquor. They were caught from two places during the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Two people were arrested from Fintas. They had 98 bottles of drinks in their possession. A notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs also said […]

Kuwait to check graduation certificates of all government employees

Kuwait City | Decision to verify the degree certificates of natives and foreigners working in the government sector in Kuwait. The action was taken because many fake university degree certificates were discovered during the inspection carried out in the last few days. The certificates of expatriates working in government agencies will be checked regardless of […]

Kuwait ready to charge fees for medicine from foreigners

Kuwait is ready to charge a fee for medicine from foreigners in Kuwait. The Minister of Health, Dr Ahmed Al Awadi, has instructed the authorities to charge a fee of 10 dinars for government hospitals and 5 dinars for primary health clinics. Officials said that the decision comes into effect from today. Earlier, primary health […]

60-year-old heart transplant successful in Kuwait

Kuwait City | A 60-year-old Kuwaiti man who suffered congestive heart failure and was unresponsive to treatment underwent a successful heart transplant. This is a new achievement for Kuwait in the field of treatment. This is also the second heart transplant in the country. The first for a Kuwaiti citizen. The operation was performed by […]

A large quantity of drugs was seized in Kuwait

Kuwait City: A large quantity of narcotics was seized in Kuwait. Interior Ministry officials seized 335 kilograms of hashish with a market value of 20 lakh Kuwaiti dinars and 10 lakh captagon pills. The Ministry of Home Affairs said that they are trying to smuggle as many drugs into the country through sea and land […]

Dharna by indigenous women in Kuwait demanding teaching jobs

Kuwait City | A group of women staged a dharna in front of the country’s education ministry. Young women with English language degrees joined the protest. The protest was held with placards demanding that they get jobs as teachers. The news was reported by the local media. The young women have graduated from the Kuwait […]

Kuwait: A police officer who used drugs while on duty was arrested in Kuwait

Kuwait: Police officer arrested for using drugs while on duty. The arrest was made by a police officer from the Hawalli Governorate in Kuwait. It is also reported that drugs and other equipment were found in his hand. Station officials suspected that he had been taking regular vacations recently and that he looked tired. Also […]

Kuwait suspends visas for Egyptian workers

Kuwait City | The local daily reported, citing Ministry of Interior sources, that the issuance of work visas to Egyptian workers has been suspended. Sources in the ministry said that following the directive of Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al Khalid Al Sabah, this measure implemented since September will continue. Officials also said that no new […]