Angle: TikTok ban spreads in US, challenges intertwining interference and freedom | Reuters

[Los Angeles, 9fed Sefydliad Thomson Reuters]-Students at the University of Texas, USA, immediately after classes resumed in January, were told by university authorities that they could no longer access the Chinese video posting app TikTok on the campus Wi-Fi. I was notified of that On February 9, immediately after classes resumed in January, students at […]

China officially announced the approval information for online games in January 2023, “Honkai: Star Railway”, “White Night Aurora” and other works passed

China’s National Administration of Press and Publication released the approval information of online games in China in January 2023 on January 17, which included 88 games, an increase of 4 times from the 84 in August, but no foreign games passed approval. The games that passed the approval in September include mobile games such as […]

Indonesia bans pre-marital discussions, affecting tourism and investment | Reuters

[ジャカルタ 6日 ロイター] – The Indonesian parliament on Thursday passed a bill to amend the penal code to impose up to a year in prison for pre-marital and extra-marital affairs. Concerns have been raised that the amendment will restrict civil liberties. The change in law applies to Indonesians and foreigners, and also prohibits unmarried couples […]

Breaking the law: 16300 people were arrested in Saudi Arabia in the last week

The Ministry of Interior has announced that more than 16,000 lawbreakers have been arrested in Saudi Arabia in the past week. So many people were arrested during the joint investigation conducted by different departments. The ministry also said that around 10,000 people are being deported. Sixteen thousand three hundred violators of the law were caught […]

[사이언스] New magnetic nanoparticles that greatly improve the effect of treating infectious diseases: Patent News

▲ Graphic image showing blood purification technology using blood cell membrane nanomagnetic particles (Photo/Data provided_UNIST) © Patent News Technology has been developed to cleanly remove the causes of infectious diseases such as viruses from a patient’s blood. It is a technology that can remove more than 99% of multi-drug resistant bacteria and 135 different types […]