Ronaldo: Higher with coach Rangnick

Ronaldo said the team still has room for improvement and the team will improve as coach Rangnick gives more opportunities to the players. “Rangnick came to the team just a few weeks ago,” Ronaldo told the Premier League. “He has changed a lot, but he needs time to convey his thoughts to the players.” He […]

Happy Birthday to Coach Ferguson! | Official Manchester United website

“Happy birthday to coach Ferguson! You’ve given me and my dad a very good baby. We watched the Champions League final together. In May 1999, we played at 3 am in Singapore. And in October of the same year, my father passed away. . I always remember the time we had together. You gave me […]

Wolverhampton attack combination revealed by coach Langnick

Coach Rangnick said, “They should be able to work in the opponent’s box as much as possible and the four of them should be able to attack together.” “Through such a lineup, we have to attack together and show high levels of activity defensively for the team,” he said. Of course, no one knows what […]

Who is the best player against Norwich? | Official Manchester United website

Scott McTominay and Fred also contributed to United’s victory through stable performances. But fans voted De Gea the best player ever. After the match, voting was held on the Manchester United website and official app. De Gea won 68 percent of the vote. Although he was named Player of the Month in November, Gea was […]

Maguire: De Gea is also world class!

In fact, in the away game against Norwich, De Gea was particularly busy. As such, Norwich actively aimed for Manchester United’s goal. In future matches, the opponent’s chances of shooting should be reduced. Of course, it is also important not to point out. Maguire emphasized that part. He said, “You have to dominate the game […]

Coach Rangnick: Transfer window plans are premature

Also, coach Rangnick said, “If we don’t play enough, we will talk personally and discuss which method is better.” Manchester United have a lot of games ahead of them during the holiday season. It is expected that there will be opportunities for participation. Manchester United will face Norwich City on the weekend, followed by Brantford, […]

FA Cup 3rd Round Match Confirmed | Official Manchester United website

Villa had previously faced United in the FA Cup 12 times, including a 2-1 loss to Peter McFarland in the 1957 final multi-goal. Interestingly, this will be the fifth time they face Aston Villa on a three-round schedule in the 21st century. United won back-to-back victories over their Premier League rivals at Villa Park in […]

The player Rangnick wanted? | Official Manchester United website

Then, coach Rangnick said, “There are some of the best young players such as Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford. And there are also experienced players. I’m really looking forward to working with these players.” Sancho headed to Borussia Dortmund on the last day of the transfer window in the summer of 2017. He left Manchester […]

A deep conversation between director Rangnick and director Solskjaer

Next, coach Rangnick talked about the players in the squad and the appearance of Manchester United in the summer of 2023. “In an ideal world, not only the top 4, but also the challenge of winning,” he said. “It’s in the DNA of Manchester United. You have to have success like winning the league, winning […]