Top 10 ‘Top Gain’ Funds Quarter 1/23

but”technology stocks“It returned to face selling pressure in February due to uncertain economic conditions. risk of economic recession Expected to occur in 2023 until after the last Fed meeting marked a return to raising interest rates stronger than expected by the market. And since the beginning of March, the market has been shocked. began to […]

DEMCO wins 20 billion baht cake, EGAT-PEA auction

Demco stocks more than 2,927 million baht in backlog, bids for 20 billion baht EGAT-PEA projects and MEIT for petrochemicals Move forward into the renewable energy business Ready to break new business lines, create a New S Curve for sustainable and stable growth. Mr Pongsak Sirikupt, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Demco Public […]

Consumption, tourism, elections, support Thai stocks I am TNN know how to invest I 20-03-2020

Subsequent factors – consumption, tourism, elections support Thai stocks – refers to Thai stocks in the healthcare group Be a safe haven – TKN releases new products push income to grow in line with #Thai economy target Channel to follow station news TNN Channel 16 c/tnn16 / […]

mai Co., Ltd. Year 2022 net profit 7,413 million, down 23% due to lost-order

“ mai Co., Ltd. in 2022 recorded total sales of 214,691 million baht, an increase of 20.1%, and net profit of 7,413 million baht, a decrease of 23.0% due to loss and impairment provision. If such items are not counted Net profit grew by 6.1%. Mr revealed Praphan Charoenprawat, manager of the Market for Alternative […]

Mirai Capsule -I have a dream- First Partners Co., Ltd.

Mirai Capsule -I have a dream- First Partners Co., Ltd. | TBS TV Wednesday, 15th March, 2023 10:57 [解][字]How did your childhood dream grow into adulthood? And how will the dream spread in the future?Illustrating the “dream growth” of people working in a company that is currently a hot topic To program an official page […]

Open the top 10 Thai stocks Highest Net Profit Year 2022

“ Opening 10 Thai stocks, the highest profit in 2022, with the top 3 energy groups PTT, PTTEP and BANPU making a combined profit of over 200 billion baht. “BANPU” made a profit of 40,519 million baht, growing over 311%. Curve at the end of the statements statementThai listed company(Co., Ltd.) for the fourth quarter […]

Trading TRUE securities for the first day after the merger

True Corporation Public Company Limited uses the abbreviation on the Stock Exchange of Thailand which is TRUE, which is the first day of trading (trading) of the merger on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). On March 3, 2023, Gwir shares in the technology industry group Information and communication technology business category The price on […]