The Government Savings Bank completes an investment contract, Cash Fast Co., Ltd. is preparing to sell 49% of its shares back to Srisawat

The Government Savings Bank completes an investment contract, Cash Fast Co., Ltd. prepares to sell 49% of its shares back to Srisawat Announces business alliance After achieving the goal of reducing the interest structure of the car title loan market Mr revealed Withai Rattanakorn, President of the Government Savings Bank, that the Government Savings Bank […]

CANWR-SGC presents a new general, stepping into the NEW CHAPTER

“Singer Thailand” joins “SG Capital” introduces a new manager to organize the lending business to step into a new chapter, appointing “Naratip Wirunchataphan” Khom bridle of SINGER and “Anothai Sritiapet” to supervise SGC, with the aim of expanding the loan portfolio Aim to become 1 in 3 non-bank within 3 years, and manage the new […]

III Submission of ANI to file IPO filing 554.73 million shares

“Triple i Logistics” led “Asia Network International” in submitting a filing to the SEC, offering no more than 554.73 million IPO shares to the SET as arranged to establish Kiatnaki Securities. as a financial advisor Bring money to raise money to expand the business to support III to become a regional logistics service provider. Setting […]

KTAM sets sights on Thai stocks Continued trigger stack release “KT-TRIG8” is offered for sale between April 27 and May 3, targeting 5% in 6 months.

Mrs. Chavinda Hanratanakul Managing Director Krungthai Asset Management Public Company Limited or KTAM revealed that the company is still looking at the current overview of the Thai economy with the opportunity to continue growing due to internal and external factors such as the opening of China. That will help speed up the tourism sector and […]

BRI prepares to sell 2 new bonds with interest rates of 4.00-4.70%

“Britania” launches 2 new bonds, maturity 2 years and 3 years, interest rates of 4.00-4.70% per year, interest payment every 3 months, it is expected to be offered on May 18-19 and 22 through 4 financial institutions. Credit status of debentures and companies “BBB/Stable” from TRIS Rating Moving forward with “B To The Top” strategy, […]

WICE derivative “Euro Asia Total Logistics” note that

“Wise Logistics” brings its subsidiary, “Euro Asia Total Logistics or ETL”, a cross-border logistics service business. (Cross-Border Transport Carrier) between Thailand and countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and China with road and rail border connections. He raised money on the Market for Alternative Investments (May) and appointed Jay Capital Advisory Co., Ltd. is a […]

MGC-ASIA beats IPO price at 7.95 baht, open for booking April 18-20.

“Millennium Group Corporation (Asia)” taps the IPO price at 7.95 baht per share, which is open to reserve between 18-20 April this year to invest in expanding the business ecosystem according to the strategic plan. and capital restructuring to create sustainable growth with 4 strategies to expand business portfolios Prepare to become a leader in […]