A vacation like from a HORROR: A student was raped in the Maldives

According to her allegations, one of the employees raped her on her first day at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton resort. When the hotel management found out about it, they allegedly asked her to leave immediately and accused her of lying. She allegedly invented the whole situation so that she could stay at an expensive resort for […]

AssetWise sends the hottest deal for the summer with “SUPER SUMMER DEAL”

Asset Wise is pushing hard to please people who want to get a condo Open the hottest deals for the summer with “SUPER SUMMER DEAL” to provide special privileges to customers interested in owning 17 quality condominium projects, all new projects. And the project is ready to live in 7 fully assembled hot locations Ready […]

Sri Lanka Involvement in Debt Restructuring, Benefits to China = US Treasury Secretary | Reuters

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasized on July 14 that China is Sri Lanka’s “significant creditor” and that any involvement in Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring would benefit both parties. Representative photo taken in Bali, Indonesia on the same day (2022 Reuters) [Nusadore (Indonesia) 14th Reuters]-US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasized on the 14th that China […]

Ahaana Krishna wearing Vero Moda topical print top price

Ahana wore a topical print top in Veromoda’s purple color Ahana is also a social media star who has gained attention as an actress and vlogger. Ahana shares her travels, fashion trends and latest photoshoots on social media. Recently, Ahana also shared pictures taken from a trip to the Maldives. Read more: In Paradise on […]

Ahaana Krishna shares Maldives photos

Ahana Krishna with pictures from Maldives Actress Ahana Krishna is a person who loves to travel. Ahana shares beautiful posts and videos about her travels on social media. Ahana has often spoken on social media before about her trip to the Maldives two years ago. Ahana has returned to the Maldives, which has captured her […]