Youtuber Solves Bing Chat CAPTCHA Using Grandmother’s Love Code

Youtuber Discovers A Creative Solution to Solve CAPTCHA on Microsoft’s Bing Chat An Unlikely “Love Code” Left Behind by His Grandmother In a fascinating turn of events, YouTuber Denis Shiryaev recently shared his unique method of bypassing CAPTCHA, a mechanism designed to differentiate between humans and machines, on Microsoft’s AI chat service, Bing Chat. Shiryaev […]

Manufacturing PMI Returns to Expanding Range, Indicating Continued Economic Stabilization and Improvement

Manufacturing PMI Surges in September, Indicating Continued Economic Stabilization and Improvement CNR News Beijing, October 1 (Reporter Huang Angjin) The latest data released by the Service Industry Survey Center of the National Bureau of Statistics and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing on September 30 revealed that the manufacturing purchasing managers’ index (PMI) reached […]

Positive Growth in Convenience Stores Across China Points to Promising Future: China Chain Store and Franchise Association Report

China’s Convenience Store Industry Experiences Positive Growth in Various Cities The China Chain Store and Franchise Association reports an encouraging surge in the number of convenience stores across the country, indicating a robust development in this sector. Recently released by the China Chain Store and Franchise Association, the “China Urban Convenience Store Development Index” reveals […]

Analyzing Supply and Demand Factors: A Buying Opportunity in Stock Market Decline

Economic Commentator: Decline in Stock Prices Signals Buying Opportunity In a recent statement, renowned economic commentator Tomio Sugimura emphasized that the current decline in stock prices presents a great buying opportunity for investors. Taking into account supply and demand factors, Sugimura revealed that the lowest prices are typically observed at the end of each quarter […]

Trade Statistics, Condominium Market Trends, and More: A Look at Today’s Important Updates

Revised Schedule Domestic August trade statistics (8:50) Metropolitan area condominium market trends for August (13:00) Big convenience store sales in August (14:00) Number of overseas visitors to Japan in August (16:15) Domestic Enterprises Integral 5842: Listed on TSE G Foreign The People’s Bank of China announces the most favorable loan interest rate for September (10:15) […]

The Ministry of Agriculture disclosed that 882 boxes of Brazilian eggs were recovered in Digao City, a cold chain warehouse of imported eggs, and they cooperated with the inspection – Life – Liberty Times e-newsletter

The Ministry of Agriculture disclosed the cold chain storage location for imported eggs, and Gao Shiming cooperated with the inspection. (File photo) 2023/09/18 20:50 [Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report]The Ministry of Agriculture announced this evening (18th) that the cold chain storage locations of imported eggs stored by the Central Animal Industry Association are distributed in 7 […]

Dispelling Concerns: First Lady Promotes Safe Consumption of Seafood at Busan Gijang Market

Dispelling ‘Contaminated Water Concerns’ and Promoting Use in Busan Gijang Market Busan=뉴시스 – In an effort to address concerns over contaminated water, First Lady Kim Kun-hee visited Gijang Market in Busan alongside President Yoon Seok-yeol on September 14th. While President Yoon was occupied with official duties such as the ‘Local Era Proclamation Ceremony’, First Lady […]

Strong Rebound in Credit and Financing Data Released by China’s Central Bank

The People’s Bank of China Reveals Encouraging Financial Data for August M2 Broad Money and Social Financing Show Positive Growth In a recent release of financial data, the People’s Bank of China reported a significant rebound in new credit and social financing for the month of August. The data reveals that M2 broad money experienced […]