Unofficial VR version of Ring of Eldon, first-person view of the borderlands | 4Gamers

For a more in-depth experience of the world of Elden Ring, designers are now working on an unofficial VR version that will give players a closer look at the junction. Although “Ayrden’s Ring” is already a third-person perspective, the VR version is designed to allow players to experience it from a first-person perspective. VR module […]

Players changed the “Century Empire 2” model to “Doom” RTS game | 4Gamers

“DOOM” (DOOM) is a classic work of shooting games, but some people’s dream is not to create something greater than him, but to turn “DOOM” into a real-time strategy game (RTS). HELLKNIGHT61 recently launched its own model change “Century Empire 2” Mod, “Age of Doom” (Age of Doom). “I want the original “Doom” to be […]