Democratic Party accuses Joo Ho-young of allegedly attacking North Korean drones during Moon Jae-in’s administration

People’s Power Representative Shin Won-sik, alleging a ‘North Korean internalisation theory’, filed a complaint with the National Assembly’s Ethics Committee zoom in picture Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun speaking at the Supreme Council meeting held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 9th. Minkyu Park Senior Reporter On the 9th, the Democratic […]

The Democratic Party distributes the list of prosecutors for the Lee Jae-myung investigation… There is also an “anti-constitutional” rebuttal within the party

zoom in picture Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon (left) adjusts his glasses at a plenary meeting of the National Assembly’s Judiciary Committee on the 7th, while Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Eui-gyeom, the subject of the lawsuit, sits. Minkyu Park Senior Reporter The Democratic Party of Korea is distributing a list of some prosecutors investigating the allegations […]

Tae Yeong-ho, the power of the people, “I have nothing to say to former President Wen who left the murdered North Korean public servant unattended for 3 hours”

▲ The power of the people Tae Young-ho, member of the National Assembly. On the 2nd, People’s Power Representative Tae Yeong-ho (Gangnam-gap, Seoul, photo) responded to former President Moon Jae-in’s claim of “security politics” by saying, “Former President Moon, who received reports public officials drift in North Korean waters three hours before the murder, but […]