“Slept for 4 days and wake up every night” thought it was not over yet Chen Yanbo revealed the hardships of the competition | Life | QUANTITY

Chen Yanbo has achieved good results in the cross-country competition recently, and also revealed the rigors of the competition. (Photo/Flipping Chen Yanbo’s Facebook page, same below) After 10 years, Taiwanese ultramarathoner Chen Yanbo competed again in the 700-kilometer polar crossing in Yukon, Canada. He finished the race in 10 days, 6 hours and 4 minutes, […]

‘This’ protein, which disappears with age, is the answer

As we age, it is natural for muscle mass to decrease and strength to weaken. However, it is difficult to walk and falls easily due to reduced muscle mass, and if it is difficult to move on its own, it is not a natural aging phenomenon. It is a disease called ‘sarcomenia’. Loss of muscle […]

“Move your body to avoid losing the virus”

According to the CSSE Johns Hopkins Daily COVID-19 Report, as of the 18th, there were 614,183,335 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide and 6,537,100 deaths. According to a trend report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of deaths related to COVID-19 worldwide from the 5th to the 11th of this month decreased by […]

Health Network “Don’t eat salt, beware of low sodium crisis! 5 main roles of nutritionist exposure – LOHAS Diet – Free Health Network

Nutritionist Wang Zhengwei reminds that drinking more water is important, but do not forget to add sodium, because sodium mainly maintains the body’s fluid balance, normal nerve and muscle function, improves brain function, controls absorption glucose, and maintains acid-base balance. (Image taken from freepik) [Sianel Iechyd / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]A 50-year-old woman was worried about edema […]